Bradford’s RSPCA branch has set itself a New Year challenge.

The Mount Street centre is holding two new appeals for 2014 with the first being a quest to buy a £10,000 scanner to enable the vets working in its clinic to assess without invasive surgery what is wrong with the poorly pets.

Branch manager Terry Singh said having its own scanner would also be much more cost-effective for the charity as it would alleviate it having to send the animals for scanning elsewhere.

Mr Singh said he hoped the public and local businesses would get behind the appeal by offering donations to maintain the welfare of animals at the centre.

As well as the scanner appeal, the branch has also started another fostering scheme.

Mr Singh said due to an increase in ‘case dogs’ animals that have been ill-treated and have been seized by RSPCA inspectors during pending court proceedings, it is seeking animal lovers who would consider taking on a dog to love and care for it and help re-build its confidence on a short or long-term basis.

Brenda, a two-year-old German shepherd, was ill-treated by her previous owner and following the court case Mr Singh and his colleagues are now seeking a temporary owner to help and support the dog in its recovery.

Mr Singh said Brenda was quite timid and to alleviate any potential behavioural problems which could develop from her past experience, the centre was looking for an experienced, mature owner or one-to-one companion to take her on a temporary basis.

“We are having an increase in case dogs coming in that need rehabilitating and we want to re-direct our resources on to help those dogs that need short and long term care,” he said.

The fostering time span can vary from one to three months but foster owners will be supported throughout the time.

They will also be vetted before being accepted on to the scheme.

For more information about the fostering initiative, or to support the scanner appeal, call (01274) 723063.