The month of Ramadan is approaching, and health bosses are hoping Muslims will take the opportunity to give up smoking.

The Islamic period of fasting, prayer and self-reflection runs from Tuesday until August 7.

In its 12th annual Ramadan stop-smoking campaign, Bradford Public Health will talk to mosque leaders and imams about the dangers of passive smoking, especially on children, and will give out leaflets to worshippers.

This year’s campaign is being linked in with a national Smokefree Homes and Cars campaign, which is being run by Public Health England.

The campaign highlights the dangers children face when they are exposed to second-hand smoke, putting them at greater risk of lung disease, meningitis and cot death.

Councillor Amir Hussain (above), executive member for health, said: “During Ramadan, people are encouraged to think about others and to look at the way they live their lives.

“Second-hand smoke poses a very high health risk to children while the dangers of smoking are well-known. Choosing Ramadan as the time to give up is likely to benefit everyone.”