Neighbours are waging war on a plague of dog mess by circling “scenes of grime.”

Angry residents, who say the problem is blighting life in Baildon, are ringing any piles of poo littering their streets in a bid to to shame slack dog owners into cleaning up after their pets.

Homemade posters asking owners to remove mess are also fixed to fences along Brantcliffe Drive, which is a through-route to dog walks on Baildon Moor.

“It’s a total disgrace, there are a few people who don’t care about where they live and think picking up the muck is beneath them,” said Trevor Peel, of St Eloi Avenue.

Mr Peel, 66 has teamed up with neighbour John Murgatroyd to fight their own campaign against the curse of dog mess.

“I’ve been circling mess with plaster powder to highlight the problem and make people aware of how filthy it is,” said retired decorator Mr Murgatroyd, 75.

He and Mr Peel, both former dog owners, said the problem was people sneaking out at first light or at dusk with dogs too desperate to make it to the moor.

Mr Peel said there should be instant penalties for not carrying poo bags or scoops. “People need to be caught and actually fined, not just given warnings.”

Baildon councillor Val Townend said she was acting on many reports of an increase in the fouling problem.

“We must clamp down on this – people in Baildon are very proud of where they live and are rightly very upset by this,” said Coun Townend (Baildon, Con).

“There are plenty of dog bins and I’ve spoken to council officers, who have enforcement powers and I am confident action will be taken.”

Damian Fisher, Shipley Area Co-ordinator, confirmed there was also a council drive against dog dirt. He said: “We are aware of this problem and Council Wardens have been undertaking additional patrols in the area, including early mornings.

“This is an issue where information from local residents really helps and we have appealed to them for information, such as times and descriptions of the culprits, so that we can try and target those responsible.

“A fixed penalty notice for dog fouling for £80 was issued in Baildon last week and one today in Roberts Park.”