A union representing social workers has said that it will be looking “as a matter of urgency” at information that redundancies were made within Bradford Council’s adult services department.

The Telegraph & Argus reported yesterday that 81 employees with “social worker” in their title left Bradford Council in the last two years including 62 who resigned and five who were made redundant.

Unison branch secretary, Linda Crowther, said she was surprised at the numbers of resignations as she didn’t believe work pressures in Bradford were any different to those in nearby authorities.

She said: “It was, however, a surprise that there had been redundancies and further enquiries appeared to indicate that these were in Adult Services, a department that was currently seeking to use agency social workers.

“UNISON address this as a matter of urgency. The use of agency workers is never a position we would support, however we needed to be realistic and vulnerable adults and children cannot be left unsupported and at risk.”