New traffic humps in Nab Wood have vanished overnight to the fury of those residents delighted by their immediate success.

The controversial 20mph traffic calming scheme installed last month included high platform humps which were criticised by some drivers for being too steep.

And it was claimed vehicles could be damaged because the humps were not properly smoothed over.

Bradford Council engineers confirmed the ramps had not been built to specification and would be altered.

However, last week the whole humps were removed.

And angry mother-of-three Anne Villien of Bankcroft Drive said taking them up was a waste of time and money.

“They actually did the job and slowed people down to 20mph,” she said. “The whole purpose of them is that either you slow right down or you damage your car.

“I just have an ordinary car and there’s no risk to it so long as you don’t speed – it’s obvious,” said geography teacher Mrs Villien, 37.

“I’m furious about this, because the purpose is to make it safer. A child only has to step out onto the road at rush hour and it would be dead.

“The well-being of cars is being put above the well-being of kids.”

Neighbour Aoife Aston agreed. “It’s ridiculous. These new humps really did work and smoother ones will do nothing to slow traffic.

“But praise the Lord for the car being protected,” Mrs Aston said.

Shipley Area Committee chairman Councillor Richard Heseltine said it was necessary to make sure the humps met precise specifications.

“It has been a debacle, but they do need to be re-profiled to the correct dimensions and that may mean the contractor replacing them at their expense.

“I am told any rectifications will be done very quickly to get the scheme back on track,” said Coun Heseltine (Con, Bingley).