It provided the inspiration for one of the greatest love stories in literary history but a survey has claimed that the Bradford district is the second most unromantic place in the country.

Only Scunthorpe was less attractive to Valentine couples, according to the poll.

But the findings were last night given the cold shoulder by Bradford Council’s tourism chief and a city hotel boss, who pointed out that Haworth, famed of course for Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, as well as attractions in the city centre meant it was the ideal location for love.

The national poll of about 2,000 people, commissioned by, found that the Lake District was the most romantic, followed by Cornwall and then the Cotswolds.

But Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, the Council’s executive member for tourism, was scathing about the results.

“These types of surveys are really very scientifically weak and are just a gimmick by online hotel companies,” she said.

“I will vouch for Bradford and say that it is a location for a Valentine’s Day date, you could go and see a film at the National Media Museum, or see a show at The Alhambra theatre, or go for a stroll in City Park with the coloured lights under the moonlight.”

Gary Peacock, manager at The Midland Hotel in Cheapside, Bradford, was equally dismissive of the findings.

He said: “I do not agree with this survey at all, I am one of Bradford’s biggest supporters.

“I think that this is another example of when Bradford is on the up people out there put out this fabricated information just to have a go at the city.”

And Natasha Estes, a staff member at Premier Inn Central in Vicar Lane, Bradford, said: “I think we could do a bit better than second least, I don’t think we are that bad.

“We are quite a central place to lovely places like Ilkley and Haworth.”

Chris Thompson, owner of Thompson’s Florists, in Kirkgate, Bradford, questioned how respondents to the survey could measure how romantic the district is.

He said: “I don’t think people would really know whether Bradford was a romantic place or not, it is difficult to judge whether a place is or not.”

Laura Watts, of, said: “We hope our list will prove inspirational to those looking to plan a last minute romantic – or maybe unromantic – getaway.”