A 19-year-old man is on trial at Bradford Crown Court accused of possessing a sawn-off shotgun found in a householder’s flowerbed.

Mohammed Kayani, of Smith Lane, Heaton, Bradford, was linked by his DNA to cartridges found in the same bag as the weapon, it is alleged.

Kayani pleads not guilty to possession of a prohibited firearm on or before July 27 last year.

Prosecutor Michael Collins said the pump action shotgun was found in the back garden of a house in Selbourne Terrace, Heaton.

Mr Collins said Kayani’s fingerprints were on the bin liner enclosing the weapon but neither his prints nor his DNA was on the gun.

The gun was loaded with one cartridge and there were 18 others with it.

“The only issue for you to determine is whether or not you are sure that Mr Kayani possessed the firearm,” Mr Collins told the jury yesterday.

The trial continues.