A pub is the latest business to join a scheme for older people called ‘Keighley Shares’.

Haworth resident Shona Grange, who co-ordinates this scheme locally, said the Wuthering Heights pub, in Stanbury, is now involved.

“The emphasis of Keighley Shares is on people sharing whatever they have, whether it’s surplus garden produce, knowledge or skills around hobbies or activities,” she said.

“There will be no leader as such, and the sharing is based around whatever the group brings.”

She said the group meetings at the pub, called Not over the Hill Yet! will take place every Thursday at noon, starting on February 14.

People who attend will be offered lunch at a discounted price of £6.95, including two courses and a coffee.

Shona added: “With it being Valentine’s Day on February 14 it would be nice to see some couples or maybe some singles."