Bradford West Respect MP George Galloway has called for the Government to combat the theft of valuable Yorkshire stone.

Heritage sites such as Bolling Hall, along with cemeteries in the district, have been targeted by thieves.

Mr Galloway said: “I have put down two parliamentary questions on the widespread thefts after a constituent’s request for me to look into it. I have drawn the minister’s attentions to this and asked what measures could be introduced to combat it.

“I know that the police have been doing all they can to detect these thefts – from heritage sites such as Bolling Hall, Haworth cemetery and the Bronte Cemetery at Thornton – and I want to make their job easier. I’m thinking along the lines of those introduced to help stop metal theft.

“For instance, I think it would be important to prevent traders paying cash for the stone, increasing the penalties for those convicted and perhaps we could look at some sort of register of stone traders, together with giving the police and local authorities powers of entry to yards?”

Mr Galloway said Yorkshire stone was much more valuable than the common stone produced in countries like India.