Closing two household waste tips will lead to an “inevitable” rise in fly-tipping, Bradford Council chiefs have been warned.

A replacement site for a tip in Bowling Back Lane, Bradford, and one at Sugden End, Keighley, have been earmarked for the axe as part of a budget cuts package by the Labour-run authority.

But Bradford East MP David Ward said if the Bowling Back Lane site shuts it would leave a significant number of people in the city without easy access to a tip and he has got the backing of ward councillors.

The Council wants to build a giant waste processing plant on the existing household waste tip and originally intended moving the public tip to nearby Parry Lane.

Mr Ward (Lib Dem) said the Council chiefs changed their minds because of budget pressures and have proposed saving money by not replacing it at all.

Instead, the public would be expected to travel with their waste to other sites in Midland Road in Manningham and Dealburn Road in Low Moor.

Mr Ward said: “Both myself and the residents were led to believe that the Bowling Back Lane Tip would be replaced when the new treatment facility was built.

“I am concerned that this matter has been attached to the Council Budget consultation rather than being consulted on as a separate issue. Many residents are unaware of these changes and will not have taken the opportunity to voice their reservations.”

“These changes would mean a significant portion of Bradford would be without easy access to a household waste recycling centre and also increases the likelihood of fly tipping both in the area and across the city.

“I have submitted my concerns as part of the consultation and would strongly urge residents and those who use the tip to do so as well.”

The report for 2013/14 budget says most homes will remain within a 15 minute drive time of a waste site and virtually all within 20 minutes drive time. It also says: “Midland Road and Dealburn Road HWRC sites are relatively close to the communities served by the Bowling Back Lane site and have been refurbished in recent years.”

But Councillor Hassan Khan (Lab, Bowling and Barkerend) said: “Even if they just reduced the hours at Bowling Back Lane it would be better than shutting it all together. Flytipping will be inevitable otherwise.”

Another Bowling and Barkerend councillor Zameer Shah (Con) said the proposals had not been thought through very well. “People in my area were not happy at the lack of consultation. It will not be adequate to shut Bowling Back Lane. They have not considered the impact it will have on our area and the people living here. Flytipping probably will become a big problem.”

Coun Shah said he is a member of the Environment and Waste Committee and he has already raised his concerns.

The Council is also considering shutting its Sugden End site at Cross Roads, Keighley, saying other sites in Keighley and Queensbury were within “reasonable range” of the communities who use it.

“Under our proposal the Keighley Stockbridge site would receive investment to ensure that all our retained HWRC sites are up to modern standards,” it said.

But concern about the likely increase in fly-tipping if that site closed has also been raised by Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council.

Parish Council chairman, Councillor John Huxley, said: “I believe people from the Worth Valley having to take their rubbish into Keighley would be a huge backward step – and would not be economically sustainable. Maybe we need to look at an asset transfer because Sugden End is a very good facility and well used.”