A 24-year-old man has been jailed for more than seven years for raping one prostitute and robbing another after he lured them into a secluded alleyway in Bradford city centre.

Peter Kovacs, who came to the UK from Slovakia in 2010, committed offences of indecent exposure and voyeurism before he struck on consecutive nights in Lower Grattan Road, Bradford Crown Court heard.

A judge branded Kovacs, of Kensington Street, Girlington, Bradford, a public danger and locked him up under the new extended sentence provisions.

He will serve two-thirds of a seven year and four month jail term, plus three years on extended licence.

Judge David Hatton QC was told that Kovacs was dealt with by Bradford and Keighley Magistrates in 2011 for staring into a woman’s home while rubbing his groin.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp told yesterday’s hearing Kovacs raped his first victim late on November 11 last year.

He lured her up an overgrown alleyway, off Lower Grattan Road, after she understood he wanted to pay for sex.

Kovacs refused to hand over any money, punched the woman full in the face and wrestled her to the ground.

In the struggle, she scratched his face and his DNA under her fingernails led to police catching him, Mr Sharp said.

“In spite of the defendant’s small stature, he was strong and going to overpower her,” he told the court.

The woman called 999 while being raped from her phone which had been tucked in her bra.

The next night, Kovacs robbed another prostitute in the same alley after beckoning her to follow him.

Mr Sharp said the offence had “a substantial sexual overtone.”

Again, he refused to pay for sex before snatching her bag with such force the strap broke and the victim suffered cuts and scratches.

Kovacs ran off with her money and cigarette lighter, leaving her other belongings strewn in the alleyway.

When he was arrested for rape, on November 14, his second victim’s cigarette lighter was found on him.

Kovacs’ solicitor Anne-Marie Hutton said: “This is a very disturbing and serious case, in equal measure.”

Kovacs’ family had abandoned him and his time behind bars would allow him to reflect on what he had done.

Judge Hatton said: “You have no significant remorse and little understanding of the trauma you will have caused.”

After the case, Detective Chief Inspector Scott Wood said: “These were premeditated attacks upon two vulnerable victims that have had a profound impact. The sentence imposed by the courts today should serve as a powerful deterrent to those thinking of embarking upon such criminality.”