A 31-year-old man is behind bars awaiting a long jail sentence for raping a woman in a park and trying to abduct a ten-year-old girl.

Khalid Mahmood was warned to expect “a significant custodial sentence” when the level of danger he poses to the public has been assessed.

Mahmood, of Gordon Street, Keighley, was found guilty by a jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday of raping a woman in Cliffe Castle Park in Keighley on March 21, 2011.

After the majority verdict of 10-2 was delivered by the foreman, the jurors learned that Mahmood had earlier been convicted of attempting to abduct a little girl in Keighley as she played on her scooter.

They also heard that he had four previous convictions for indecently assaulting women. Some jurors were visibly shaken and one woman was in tears and asked to leave the court.

During the rape trial, prosecutor Matthew Bean said Mahmood saw his victim was down on her luck when she picked up a cigarette butt in Keighley town centre.

He offered her vodka and cigarettes and they went to the park to smoke and drink.

The woman made it very clear that she did not want to engage in sexual activity with Mahmood but he had sex with her after she became so drunk that she either lost consciousness or was no longer aware of what was happening to her.

She woke up in Airedale General Hospital after an ambulance crew found her with her trousers undone and bark and leaves in her underwear.

In July last year, Mahmood pulled the ten-year-old girl along after approaching her as she played in the street.

He got a short distance before the child’s parents came to her rescue.

Mr Bean said there was no definite motive for what Mahmood did but it raised concerns about what he intended to do with the girl.

Judge David Hatton QC adjourned sentencing until February 14. He told Mahmood: “You must understand and appreciate that there will inevitably be a significant custodial sentence in this case but there are issues, including public protection or dangerousness, that I must consider.”