A Bradford pensioner overdosed on painkillers and alcohol because he could not face abuse allegations against him, an inquest has been told.

John Clark, 77, of Westwood Avenue, Eccleshill, was said to be “stunned and shocked” when he was told of the claims, the inquest in Bradford heard yesterday.

The allegations had first come to light via a message posted on social networking site Facebook two days before Mr Clark, a retired textile overlooker, killed himself.

Mr Clark’s son, who had been told about abuse claims, had gone round to see his father to tell him what he was being accused of.

In a statement read out to the court he described how his father had been shocked and stunned and had said he needed a walk “to clear his head”.

That was the last time he saw him alive.

The next day Mr Clark’s son’s wife went back to the house and when she got no reply looked through the letter-box. She thought she could see him lying on the bathroom floor and alerted her husband who then had to break into the house by climbing through a window.

Mr Clark’s son said he had let police know about what had happened before his father’s death.

A note had also been found written by Mr Clark saying: “I’m sorry. I can’t face these lies.”

A post-mortem examination found Mr Clark had taken an excess painkillers and a large amount of alcohol with them.

Bradford Coroner Peter Straker said he was convinced Mr Clark had killed himself and recorded a suicide verdict.