Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt explains why the Govern-ment is ploughing money into public health improvements in Bradford.

He said: “The choices we make today have a real effect on our lives tomorrow. Nowhere is that more true than with our lifestyles, when choosing to smoke, drink and eat too much, or exercise too little, can have a big impact on our chances to lead a long, healthy and fulfilling life. It is a sad fact that many thousands of people in this country die early because of their lifestyles. I want as many people as possible to be able to look forward to an independent and active old age.

Today, we have given a huge boost to local authorities by announcing a significant investment in public health, with a national budget of £5.45 billion over two years. Bradford Council will receive £31.5million. Your Council will be responsible for improving your health and this money will help develop better ways of doing this. We want to give your council in Bradford freedom, not tie their hands by demanding they do certain things in a certain way. This will put your local authority in a strong position to improve your health in Bradford. I look forward to seeing the results.”