Work on the long-awaited Nab Wood traffic calming scheme begins on Sunday and is set to disrupt traffic for six weekends to come.

Fast-flowing Moorhead Lane is to get three raised “plateaux” – one at its junction with Avondale Road, another at the junction with Ashfield Road plus a third at the location of a zebra crossing.

Yellow plastic humps in Avondale and Grosvenor Road will be replaced with black ones and 13 other humps will be installed across the rest of Moorhead and Nab Wood with another raised plateau on Nab Wood Drive.

The work has been scheduled to take place mostly at weekends to try and limit disruption to drivers, buses and businesses.

Bradford councillors say the scheme will deter commuting drivers from using the network of residential streets to bypass Saltaire’s crowded Bingley Road.

However construction work means that temporary road closures will take place on those roads included in the new scheme to enable staff to work in safety.

When asked by the Telegraph & Argus, some local believed that people, especially those with children, would welcome a scheme to slow traffic and were convinced it would help cut the number of “rat-runners”.

But others, including pensioner Andrew Parker, believed that drivers would still break speed limits by sprinting between obstacles.

“Moorhead Lane is a main road and humps won’t cure the problem.

“Drivers will just speed in the gaps between them and it will make it difficult for vehicles which sometimes have to go fast like ambulances and police cars,” said Mr Parker, of Avondale Road.

“Cameras are the only things that slow people down – and they don’t even have to be working to do that,” he added.