Archaeologists want to check for evidence of a Roman road before an Addingham housing scheme can go ahead.

West Yorkshire Archaeological Advisory Service (WYAAS) has asked Bradford Council to impose a condition if it grants planning permission for seven houses at Street House Farm, The Street, stating no development can take place until a programme of archaeological recording has been secured.

WYAAS recommended trial trenching prior to the determination of the planning application, to establish if a Roman road survives.

The service says the proposed development crosses the course of Roman Road 72a, which ran from Ilkley’s Roman fort to Skipton.

The road is officially designated as a Class III Site of Archaeological Interest, and WYAAS says the name ‘Street’ suggests further evidence of the road’s location – as street was the old English word for a prepared way or road.

In a consultation response to Bradford Council, WYAAS said: “Any ground works undertaken by this development may reveal evidence of the Roman road which is regionally significant.”

Addingham Civic Society, meanwhile, has called on Bradford Council to reject the plans, claiming it would be an overdevelopment because of the particular character and situation of the site.

Honorary secretary, Peter Wilkinson, said in a letter to the Council: “The proposal would have a serious impact on the group of listed buildings formerly comprising Street House Farm.

“These buildings have an important setting with open garden and landscape to the south and east.”