A Bradford charity is set to celebrate helping its 20,000th child as part of a special event organised for the spring.

The Positive Lifestyle Centre, based at Bradford City Football Club, runs sessions for youngsters in the area covering such subjects as drug awareness, smoking, anti-racism, anti-bullying, citizenship, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and self esteem.

The sessions are designed to be taught away from the school environment in a fun and interactive way and cater for all learning styles so that children can improve their attitude to learning.

They also aim to tackle serious issues made more complex through poverty and deprivation, including childhood obesity and low self esteem which are statistically high in the community. The format aims for informed lifestyle choice and decision-making, discourages anti-social behaviour and encourages cohesion amongst young people and the wider community.

Organisers say that the schools who use the Positive Lifestyle Centre endorse the service and feedback from the children themselves in excellent. But many schools are not taking up the opportunity of a subsided place for their pupils, and they are being encouraged to make use of the scheme.

In addition they received £10,000 in funding earlier this year from not-for-profit health company Sovereign Health Care.

Clare Sharpe, education manager, said: “Funding is more difficult than ever for charities. Another 560 children have benefited from attending since September thanks to Sovereign Health Care Charitable Trust and many more are booked in”

Russ Piper, trustee of Sovereign Health Care Charitable Trust and chief executive of Bradford-based Sovereign Health Care, said “The Trust is passionate about improving the health and well-being of people in Bradford and is delighted to support the centre's work with children.”

More information ois available at the website positivelifestylecentre.com.