A motorist is celebrating after beating Haworth’s notorious car clampers in court.

Adam Bolam-Peel, from Oxenhope, won back the £90 he had to pay for a clamp to be removed from his vehicle in the Changegate car park.

Mr Bolam-Peel, who appeared last year on TV reality show Come Dine With Me, said he was also awarded his court costs.

He said he had taken out a small- claims case against car park owner Ted Evans and his son Gareth, of the Carstoppers company.

Mr Bolam-Peel said the matter took almost a year to settle after he was clamped in 2011 while attending a Christingle service in Haworth.

He said: “It was a cold and wet evening and when I came back to the car I found the sticky back of the ticket had failed.

“The ticket was upside-down on the dashboard and the car had been clamped along with several others.”

Mr Bolam-Peel said the judge had accepted the Changegate sign said a ticket had to be “displayed” rather than “continuously displayed”, meaning he had met the conditions, even if the ticket fell off later.

He suggested anyone else who suffered in similar circumstances might wish to make a claim.

Clamping stopped at the Changegate car park in the summer, following a change in the law, and now Carstoppers posts out fines instead.

Ted Evans this week said he had not seriously contested Mr Bolam-Peel's claim because it was the last case outstanding when the law changed to outlaw clamping. He said: “We didn't defend it properly. We were genuinely glad to get rid of it.”

Mr Evans said Mr Bolam-Peel had refused an offer to go to mediation, and refuted the claim that the ticket had fallen off the window because it was substandard. Mr Evans pledged that in future he would provide a stronger defence if someone else made a similar claim when trying to avoid paying a parking fine.