Chancellor George Osborne is trying to play “fairy godmother” to the British public, a demonstration in Bradford heard yesterday.

Bradford People’s Coalition Against the Cuts (BPCAC) gathered in Centenary Square to protest against Conservative policies that the group claim will destroy the public sector and dismantle the welfare state.

The demonstration, at 4pm, came on the back of Mr Osborne’s Autumn Statement.

A speaker at the rally slammed Mr Osborne and the Tories for blaming the economic ills on Labour. He added: “George Osborne is trying to play fairy godmother and come in and rescue us.

“But they are dismantling the British welfare state and making the poor pay the cost of fixing it.”

Rob Williams, branch secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union, said: “We all need to fight back against the cuts. Austerity is not working. Together we can fight it, together we can win.”

About 20 people had gathered in Centenary Square to listen to various speakers talk against cuts.

One demonstrator said: “We want people to know that there are people who aren’t swallowing this stuff from the Government.”