A 48-year-old grandfather was murdered in the street when a kitchen knife was driven into his chest, cutting his body’s main artery, a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard.

Builder’s labourer Roman Copija was killed at 10pm on Saturday, July 14, because of a dispute over a laptop computer, it is alleged.

The Crown’s case is that he was fatally stabbed by either Jacek Adamczewski, 43, or Tina Bell, 45, who lived together in Wetton Court, Laisterdyke, Bradford.

Both deny murdering Mr Copija on the driveway of a house in Thornbury Avenue, Bradford.

Prosecutor Peter Moulson told the jury yesterday that one of them dealt the fatal blow.

He said Mr Copija, a Polish national, had been in the United Kingdom for four years when he was murdered.

Mr Moulson said both defendants were known to him.

At about 9.30pm on the night of the killing, Adamczewski and Bell walked from their home to the address in Thornbury Avenue.

It is alleged that Adamczewski told the police Bell had a knife concealed up her sleeve. He said he had tried to take it from her but had been able to do so.

Mr Moulson said Mr Copija, who lived off Leeds Old Road, Bradford, may have come outside to see the couple because he thought they were ripping off his friend over a laptop computer.

The jury was told that Bell had taken the laptop six times to Cash Converters in Bradford city centre to raise money under its Buy Back scheme.

Mr Moulson said Mr Copija died when a knife was driven into his chest, between his third and fourth ribs, cutting his aorta.

He died at the scene and a 9cm-bladed knife was found nearby, in two parts.

The court heard that DNA from both defendants was found on the handle.

Bell told the police she did not stab Mr Copija but pulled the knife out of his chest to help him, breaking the handle from the blade.

Adamczewski said in his statement that a man fought with him, hit him on the ear and he ran off.

“I did nothing,” he said.

The trial continues.