Ungritted roads and pavements turned the yesterday’s school run to Saltaire Primary School into a slippery slalom, said one mum whose daughter fell twice on untreated ice.

“It was appalling, my daughter, Violet, fell down and other people were slipping all over the place,” said Sarah Phillips, 40.

“I know the council can’t grit everywhere, but the sloping streets like Tower Road, Sherwood Grove and Hirst Lane were all really icy and those are the ones that we parents up in Nab Wood use to get down to the school.

“Obviously the priorities have to be bus routes and major roads, but to my mind it would just be sensible to grit on the pavements around schools.”

Sally Stoker, head teacher at Saltaire Primary, said she was aware of yesterday’s icy problems: “Obviously the health and safety of our children is paramount and the more it could be gritted around the school the better,” she said.

It is understood Council gritters were operating in the area of the school early yesterday but that heavy rain sluiced away any lasting effect, allowing roads and footpaths to re-freeze.