Two men have been fined for wasting police time – including one who claimed £20,000-worth of jewellery had been stolen from his home.

Now police in Bradford are warning people not to make false reports of crime.

On November 8 a man reported that jewellery had been stolen from his home in Heidelberg Road, Heaton.

But when challenged by officers, the 27-year-old admitted he had made it up and was fined £80.

In a separate incident, a 25-year-old claimed he had been the victim of a knifepoint robbery in Herchel Road, Allerton, in August.

He told police hundreds of pounds were stolen from him. But he later admitted that he had made up the robbery to receive a crisis loan He was fined £80.

Det Chf Insp Darren Minton said: “Those who make false allegations are taking officers away from real incidents that need their attention. In these latest incidents, it took numerous enquiries to prove their reports were not bona fide.”