The former chairman of West Yorkshire Police Authority, Mark Burns-Williamson, was tonight voted in as West Yorkshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Labour candidate polled 102,817 votes, more than twice that of his nearest rival Independent candidate Cedric Christie, who gained 49,299 votes.

But a second preference count had to be held as no candidate had enjoyed more than 50 per cent of the vote.

The final result was announced at about 6.45pm with the combined first and second choice preferences leaving Coun Burns-Williamson a clear winner with 114,736 votes compared to 71,876 for Mr Christie.

Conservative candidate Councillor Geraldine Carter came third polling 45,365 first choice votes, leaving Councillor Andrew Marchington trailing in last place for the Liberal Democrats with 17,247 first choice votes.

There were 8,277 spoiled ballot papers.

The overall turn-out in West Yorkshire was 13.3 per cent, though it was slightly higher in Bradford at 13.8 per cent.