Two secondary schools have pledged to work with police and other agencies following an incident which resulted in the arrest of 13 teenagers.

Eight youngsters were held last Thursday after an alleged assault on two boys in Keighley the previous afternoon.

A further five teenagers from various parts of Keighley were arrested yesterday, also on suspicion of assault. The five, aged 13 to 16, were being held in custody last night. The original eight had been released on bail pending further inquiries.

Two boys aged 15 and 16 were taken to hospital following the 3.15pm incident last Wednesday, November 7, on Spring Gardens Lane. At that time each day the lane is busy with hundreds of students walking from Holy Family School and University Academy Keighley (UAK).

School leaders said they were working together to reassure parents and children of their safety.

Holy Family bosses held a meeting for concerned parents following claims that students had been repeatedly threatened by UAK students on their way home.

A police spokesman said that in last Wednesday’s incident two boys were approached by a group of teenagers who subjected them to an assault.

Holy Family head Lawrence Bentley said: “It is deeply regrettable that two boys from our school have been assaulted. Holy Family is a safe school and we do all we can ensure the safety of our pupils on their journey to and from school.”

Gareth Dawkins and Linda Wallsgrove, the executive leadership team at UAK, together said they deeply regretted that some of their students may have been involved. They said: “It is extremely difficult to understand why this should have happened and we will do everything we can to prevent any similar such events in the future.”

Anyone with information should contact the police non-emergency number 101.