A lesbian couple say they have been victims of a two-year hate campaign because of their sexuality.

Kirsty King and her fiancee Bethany King say attacks on their home in Reevy Crescent, Buttershaw, Bradford, and allegations made about them are ruining their lives.

Kirsty, who is 25 and was born in the house she also still shares with her parents, said there were people on the street determined to drive them out.

The catalogue of alleged attacks includes them being branded paedophiles, their cars being scratched and dented, pet cats being poisoned, paint thrown at their home and most recently bricks and stones thrown at windows.

“Everyone used to mind their own business until Bethany came to live with me – then it all changed and the hell began,” said Kirsty.

“We get called names in the street, we get harrassed, we daren’t go out,” she said. “My mum cries all the time. Bethany is depressed and we’re arguing all the time - it’s all because we are gay.”

The couple, who are planning to get married and have known each other for five years, say they have complained to their social landlord Incommunities.

According to the couple, last week two bricks were thrown at front room windows cracking the panes and a stone shattered a kitchen window, striking Bethany on the shoulder and showering her with glass, leaving her needing treatment.

An Incommunities spokesman said: “We are investigating. We treat all reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously and working with our partners we are committed to taking the appropriate legal action.”

Police confirmed officers were called to the address and said the area is now being monitored as part of patrols with inquiries ongoing.

Rebecca Hewitt, of Bradford LGB organisation Equity, said people’s sexual orientation was not an uncommon “excuse” for abuse or attacks and urged anyone who is a victim to tell the police.

Anyone with any information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111.