Shipley & District

Member of Parliament

When Parliament is in session communications to MPs should be addressed to House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

MP for Shipley: Philip Davies (Con). Tel (01274) 592248, e-mail


Shipley Ward

Hawarun Hussain (Green), 31 Alexandra Road, Shipley, BD18 3ER. Tel (01274) 222352 (res), e-mail

Martin Love (Green), 7 Farfield Road, Shipley, BD18 4QP. Tel (01274) 829287 (res), 07765 896855 (mobile), e-mail

Kevin Warnes (Green), 37 Moorhead Terrace, Shipley, BD18 4LB. Tel (01274) 588022 (res), 07788 406168 (mobile), e-mail

Baildon Ward

Roger L'Amie (Con), 9 Glen Rose, Baildon, BD17 5DD. Tel (01274) 594337 (res), e-mail

John Cole (Lib-Dem), 21 Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 7JB. Tel (01274) 592989 (res), e-mail

Valerie Townend (Con), 13 Belmont Avenue, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 5AJ. Tel (01274) 587248 (Res), e-mail

Windhill & Wrose Ward

Vanda Greenwood (Lab), 14 Oakleigh View, West Lane, Baildon, BD17 5TP. Tel 07866 110583 (mob), e-mail

John Watmough (Lib-Dem), 7 Powell Road, Bingley, BD16 4PP. Tel (01274) 403430 (res), 07939 402413 (mobile), e-mail

Phillip Thornton (Lab), 36 Hillside Road, Shipley, BD18 2HT. Tel (01274) 582175 (res), (01274) 432527 (bus), 07949 094972 (mob), e-mail

Council Access Point

Shipley Advice & Information Centre, 2a Wellcroft, Shipley, BD18 3QH. Tel (01274 437016.

Area Panels

Area Panels exist to provide support for local communities. They recognise the needs of differing local communities and tackle issues that cross departmental boundaries.

Shipley Area Panel, Tel (01274) 437146.

Neighbourhood Forums

Bradford Council Neighbourhood Forums, which meet three times a year, are organised by Area Panels to involve the public and communities in a consultation process around the planning and reviewing of statutory services. They also act as information giving forums, and an opportunity for the general public to voice concerns about various aspects of public service.

For details and contact numbers of Neighbourhood Forums in your area, contact the Area Panel.
Forums cover the following areas:

Middle Baildon and Ferniehurst Daytime meets at Baildon Community Link, Cliffe Avenue.

Baildon Village meets at Ian Clough Hall and Sandal Primary School, Baildon.

Lower Baildon meets at St Hugh’s Centre.

Hoyle Court, Tong Park and Charlestown meets at St James’ Church, Otley Road, and Hoyle Court Primary School.

Bolton Woods, Gaisby, Crag and Owlet meets at Bolton Woods Community Centre, Bolton Woods, Bradford

Christian School, Bolton Woods and High Crags Primary School.

Esholt meets at Esholt War Memorial Institute, Main Street.

Hirst Wood meets at Hughes Bakery Meeting Room, Hirst Lane.

Nab Wood, Moorhead and Northcliffe meets at St Peter’s Church Hall.

Saltaire meets at Saltaire Methodist Church Hall.

Shipley Central meets at Shipley Library.

Windhill and West Royd meets at St Anthony’s RC Primary School, Windhill Community Centre and Windhill CE Primary School.

Wrose meets at Wrose Community Centre and Bolton Villas United Reformed Church, Wrose.

Police and Community Contact Points

Baildon: The Methodist Centre, Newton Way, Baildon, BD17 5NH. Open Monday, 10am-2pm, Wednesday, 9.30am-2pm. Tel (01274) 410628 e-mail

Saltaire: The Police Box, Salts Mill, Victoria Road, Saltaire, BD18 3LF. Opening October 2006. e-mail

Waste Recycling

Bradford Council Household Waste recycling sites in the Shipley area:

Asda, Manor Lane, Shipley. Glass, paper, cans, textiles, plastics.

Ian Clough Hall car park, Hall Cliffe, Baildon. Glass, paper, cans, textiles, plastic, books.

Old Glen House, Pod Lane, Baildon. Glass.

Saltaire First School, Albert Road, Saltaire. Paper.


Pre-School Education & Nursery Schools

Bon Bons Day Nursery Ltd, Taunton Street, Shipley, BD18 3NA. Tel (01274) 592991; also James Street, Thornton, BD13 3NR. Tel (01274) 833673; also Midland Road, Frizinghall, BD9 4HX. Tel (01274) 547573.

Farfield Nursery, Farfield Road, Shipley, BD18 4QP. Tel (01274) 532120.

Piccolo Nursery, Carlton Avenue, Saltaire, BD18 4NJ. Tel (01274) 531072; also 209 Bradford Road, Shipley, BD18 3AA. Tel (01274) 582755.

Primary Schools

(Results are based on the aggregate percentage of pupils achieving the expected level in English, mathematics and science, out of a possible 300)

Baildon CE, Coverdale Way, Baildon, BD17 6TE. Tel (01274) 598540. (278)

Frizinghall, Salisbury Road, Frizinghall, BD9 4HP. Tel (01274) 543072. (143)

Glenaire, Thompson Lane, Baildon, BD17 7LY. Tel (01274) 582514. (185)

High Crags, Crag Road, Shipley BD18 2ES. Tel (01274) 584068. (191)

Hoyle Court, Fyfe Grove, Baildon, BD17 6DN. Tel (01274) 581898. (280)

Low Ash, Wrose Road, Wrose, BD18 1AA. Tel (01274) 582927. (197)

St Anthony’s Catholic, Hugh Busy Lane, Shipley, BD18 1HD. Tel (01274) 592738. (220)

St Walburga’s, Victoria Park, Shipley, BD18 RL. Tel (01274) 531102. (279)

Saltaire Primary School, Albert Road, Shipley, BD18 4NR. Tel (01274) 584093. (241)

Sandal Primary & Nursery School, West Lane, Baildon, BD17 5DH. Tel (01274) 598115. (243)

Shipley CE, Otley Road, Shipley, BD18 2PT. Tel (01274) 583900. (230)

Windhill CE, Wrose Brow Road, Shipley, BD18 2NT. Tel (01274) 410349. (167)

Wycliffe CE Primary, Saltaire Road, Shipley, BD18 3HZ. Tel (01274) 584779. (226)

Secondary Schools

(Ranked on basis of the percentage of pupils getting the equivalent of at least five grades A* to C at GCSE level. Smaller schools, with fewer than 30 pupils eligible to take the exams, are not ranked)

Beckfoot, Wagon Lane, Bingley, BD16 1EE. Tel (01274) 771444. (49)

Bradford Christian School (Ind), Livingstone Road, Bolton Woods. Tel (01274) 532649. (59)

Nab Wood, Cottingley New Road, Bingley. Tel (01274) 567281. (24)

Salt Grammar, Higher Coach Road, Baildon, BD17 5RH. Tel (01274) 415551. (36)

Further and Higher Education

Shipley College, Exhibition Road, Shipley, BD18 3JW. Tel (01274) 327222.

Community Centres/Groups

Baildon Community Link, 35 Cliffe Avenue, Baildon, BD17 6NX. Tel (01274) 588681. Various groups meet throughout the week, including Parent and Toddler, homework club, Community Council, Rainbows, computer training, keep fit, advice bus, elderly day care.

Bolton Woods Community Centre, Livingstone Road, BD2 1BL. Tel (01274) 588684. Part of Shipley Communities Online and now a UK Centre Online, luncheon club and social club for the over 55s, community child care group.

Frizinghall Community Centre, Midland Road, Frizinghall, BD9 4HX. Tel (01274) 480934.

Wrose Community Association, Wrose Road, Wrose, Shipley, BD18 1HX. Tel (01274) 588832. Wrose Rascals playgroup, Wrose Gardeners’ Association, Wrose Ladies’ Forum, various courses and Wrose UK Online Centre at

Highcroft Youth Centre. Also e 50-plus free keep fit classes, tea dances, lunch club, parent and toddler group and free salsa classes.

Windhill Community Centre, Church Street, Shipley, BD18 2NR. Tel (01274) 588831. Part of Shipley Communities Online Project, Windhill is a UK Online Centre with computers for local residents. Parent and toddler group, Sure Start creches for under-fives. Community education courses covering many subjects run by local colleges. Advice centre with a professional advice worker, furniture store which provides low cost second-hand furniture to local residents and a cafe which provides snacks and meals. Food Co-op based at Christ Church.

Kirkgate Studios & Workshops, Kirkgate, Shipley, BD18 3EH. Tel (01274) 598928. Arts and crafts courses. Workshop facilities are available on a drop-in basis. Also offers arts and craft sessions to residential, day care and ethnic community resource centres.

Hirst Wood Regeneration Group, formed to improve facilities in the Hirst Wood area. The group meets monthly at local residents’ homes. New members always welcome. If you live or work in the area and would like to get involved, telephone group chair Mrs Mainman on (01274) 5988898, e-mail

Shipley New Start, 16 Otley Road, Shipley. Tel (01274) 437175, contact Giselle Elliott. Shipley New Start is a facility offered by Bradford Council to assist unemployed people in their search for work and helps toward the local regeneration of Shipley as well as providing learning for local people. You can study online with Shipley College, use internet facilities, see a careers counsellor from EASA or take courses leading to recognised qualifications.

Baildon Choral Society, (01274) 620782.

Baildon History Society, (01274) 598865.

Baildon Local History Society, (01274) 598865.

Baildon Orchestra, (01274) 580798.

Baildon Players, (01274) 596830.

Westgate Drama Group, (01274) 592612.

Saltaire Decorative and Fine Arts Society, (0113) 2591411.

Saltaire Traders Association, (01274) 774993

Saltaire Village Society, (01274) 584275 (2-5pm only).

Kirkgate Social Club, (01274) 581727.

North East Windhill Community Association, (01274) 588831.

Wrose Gardeners’ Association, (01274) 584374.

Wrose Ladies’ Club, (01274) 594047.

Counselling & Advice

Citizens’ Advice Bureau, 6 Windsor Road, Shipley, BD18 3EQ. Tel (01274) 532475. Advice line (01484) 425240. Open Mon, Tues, 9.30am-noon. By appointment only.

Disability & Special Needs

Disability Advice, 103 Dockfield Road, Shipley, BD17 7 AR. Tel (01274) 594173.

Bradford Sport & Recreation Association, Town Hall, Shipley. Tel (01274) 437072.

Toe By Toe, 8 Green Road, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 5HL. Tel (01274) 598807.


Hallcliffe, Baildon, BD17 6ND. Tel (01274) 581425. Open Mon 10am-7pm, Wed, Fri 10am-5.30pm, Sat 9.30am-noon. Disabled access to ground floor, photocopier, local history, CDs, free internet access, word processing.

Shipley, 2 Wellcroft, Shipley, BD18 3QH. Tel (01274) 437150. Open Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm. Disabled access, photocopier, reference collection, Asian language books, local history, CDs, DVDs, audio books, videos, meeting rooms, free internet access and word processing, storytime and activities for pre-school children Mon and Fri, in conjunction with Surestart, Shipley. Mini Musicmakers, Wed 10-10.30am, Thur 2-2.30pm.

Wrose Road, Shipley, BD18 1HX. Tel (01274) 592570. Open Mon, Thur 2pm-5pm, Sat 9.30am-noon. Free Internet access and word processing.

A housebound service is available by telephoning (01274) 433667.

GP Practices

For details of your nearest GP contact West Yorkshire Central Services Agency. Tel (0113) 2952500.

Dr Bibby & Partners, Windhill Green Medical Centre, 2 Thackley Old Road, Shipley, BD18 1QB. Tel (01274) 595951.

Dr Eisner & Partners, Shipley Health Centre, Alexandra Road, Shipley, BD18 3EG. Tel (01274) 228481.
Westcliffe Medical Centre, Westcliffe Road, Shipley, BD18 3EE. Tel (01274) 609690.

Dr Tonks & Partners, Saltaire Medical Centre, Richmond Road, Shipley, BD18 4RX. Tel (01274) 593101.

The Surgery, Newton Way Health Centre, Newton Way, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 5NH. Tel (01274) 581979.

Dr Winn & Partners, Wrose Health Centre, Kings Road, Bradford, BD2 1QC. Tel (01274) 638353.


R Spencer & Associates, 9 Wrose Road, BD2 1LN. Tel (01274) 617396.

M Leatham, 8 Northgate, Baildon, BD17 6JX. Tel (01274)596811.

Mr & Mrs Muirhead, 204 Bradford Road, Shipley, BD18 3AP. Tel (01274) 581550.

Avondale Dental Practice, 54 Bradford Road, Shipley, BD18 3NT. Tel (01274) 581412.

Wellcroft Dental Practice, Suite 7, Thomas Duggan House, Wellcroft, Shipley, BD18 3QH. Tel (01274) 580919.

Saltaire Dental Surgery, 203 Bingley Road, Shipley, BD18 4DH. Tel (01274) 585669.

Veterinary Practices

Shipley Veterinary Centre, 91-93 Manor Lane, Shipley, BD18 3BS. Tel (01274) 531010.

Petvax, 89 Leeds Road, Shipley, BD18 1DF. Tel (01274) 597070.

Baildon Veterinary Centre, 77/81 Browgate, Shipley, BD17 6BY. Tel (01274) 580785.

The Avenue Veterinary Group, 241 Bingley Road, Saltaire, BD18 4DN. Tel (01274) 583397.


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