Ilkley & Wharfedale

Member of Parliament

When Parliament is in session, communications to MPs should be addressed to House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

MP for Keighley (covers Ilkley): Ann Cryer (Lab), 35 Devonshire Street, Keighley, BD21 2BH. Tel (01535) 210083, (01535) 210085 (fax). House of Commons, tel (0207) 2194838, (0207) 2190994 (fax).


Ilkley Ward

Martin Smith (Con), 102 Kings Road, Ilkley, LS29 9BZ. Tel (01943) 602178 (res/bus), (01943) 601475 (bus/fax), 07748 931942 (mob), e-mail

Anne Hawksworth (Con), 29 Manley Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 600701 (res), (01274) 432080/79 (bus), (01943) 600651 (res/fax), 07860 856203 (mob), e-mail

Colin Powell (Con), Little Orchard, Southway, Manor Park, Burley-in-Wharfedale, LS29 7HJ. Tel (01943) 862071 (res), 07717 108217 (mob), e-mail

Wharfedale Ward

Christopher Greaves (Con), 4 Croft Drive, Menston, LS29 6LX. Tel (01943) 877230 (res), (01943) 871229 (fax), 07730 300847 (mob), e-mail

Matt Palmer (Con), 94 Station Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Ilkley, LS29 7NS. Tel (01943) 863790 (res), e-mail

Dale Smith (Con), 120 Craven Park, Menston, LS29 6EQ. Tel (01943) 874396 (res), (01274) 587351 (bus), e-mail

Craven Ward

Adrian Paul Naylor (Con), Far Ghyll Grange Farm, Ghyll Grange Lane, High Brunthwaite, Silsden, BD20 0NJ. Tel 07803 503643 (mob), e-mail

Michael Kelly (Con), The Manor House, Main Street, Addingham, LS29 0NS. Tel (01943) 831208 (res), (0113) 237 3067 (bus), 07971 149569 (mob), e-mail

Andrew Mallinson (Con), 38 Aireburn Avenue, Steeton, Keighley, BD20 6NH. Tel (01535) 656171 (res), (01535) 606231 (bus), 07971 274785 (mob), e-mail

Parish Councils/Councillors

Ilkley Parish Council

North Ward

Brian Mann (Con), 19 Owler Park Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 602262.

Lexa Robinson (Con), 113 Leeds Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 608418.

Pauline Dixon (Con), 8 Goodwood, Owler Park Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 531994.

South Ward

Andrew Walbank (Con), 9 Kimberley Street, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 608079.

Kathleen Best (Lab), 73 Leeds Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 607568.

David Roberts (Con), 1 Woodlands Rise, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 602426.

West Ward

Alan Morrell (Con), Brambletye, Owler Park Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 432511.

Kathleen Brown (Con), 12 Goodwood, Owler Park Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 604521.

Angus Hartley, Netherwood Farm, Skipton Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 600645. Heathcliffe Bowen, 8 Woodlands Rise, Ilkley. tel (01943) 600762.

Ben Rhydding

Mike Gibbons (Con), Apt 3, 19 Low Beck, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 605313.

Anne Hawkesworth (Con), 29 Manley Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 600701.

Dawn Emsley, 13 Collyer View, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 609123. Andrew McKie, 89 Wheatley Lane, Ilkley. tel (01943) 600820.

Holme Ward

Caroline Jones (Ind), 2 Heather Rise, Burley. Tel (01943) 863857.

John Sparshatt (Ind), 30a Sandholme Drive, Burley. Tel (01943) 864613.

Sylvia Tiford (Ind), 22 Rosebank, Burley. Tel (01943) 863218.


Christine Hill (Con), Glen Cottage, Burley Woodhead. Tel (01943) 863644.

James Richard (Ind), 50 Southfield Road, Burley. Tel (01943) 865754.Anthony Thompson (Ind), Cranford House, 11 Long Meadows, Burley. Tel (01943) 864684


Audrey Brand (Con), 18 Croft Rise, Menston. Tel (01943) 872310.

Gerald Goldsbrough (Con), Flat 10 Dale Court, Fieldway, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 817195.

Malcolm Waddington (Con), 6 Ellar Gardens, Menston. Tel (01943) 877409.

Addingham Parish Council

Meets at the Old School Rooms above Addingham Branch Library. Clerk Mrs P Boulton. Tel (01535) 653062.

Area Committee

Keighley Area Committee. Tel (01535) 618008. Shipley Area Committee (covers Burley-in-Wharfedale). Tel (01274) 437146.

Neighbourhood Forums

For details and contact numbers of Neighbourhood Forums in your area, contact the Area Panel. Forums cover the following areas:

Burley-in-Wharfedale meets at Burley Oaks Primary School.

Menston meets at Menston Primary School.

Police and Community Contact Points

Burley-in-Wharfedale: Queens Hall, Main Street, Burley-in-Wharfedale, LS29 7BT. Opening September 2006. Tel (01943) 864254, e-mail

Waste Recycling

Bradford Council Household Waste recycling sites in the Ilkley area:

Ben Rhydding Sports Club, Coutances Way, Ben Rhydding. Glass.

Bolling Road First School, Bolling Road, Ben Rhydding. Paper.

Booths supermarket, Leeds Road, Ilkley. Glass, textiles, books, shoes.

Bradford Council car park, South Hawkesworth Street, Ilkley. Glass, paper, cans, textiles, plastics.

Tesco supermarket, Spring Lane, Ilkley. Glass, paper, textiles, shoes.

HWS, Golden Butts Road, Ilkley. Glass, paper, cans, textiles, plastics, books, car batteries, CFC recovery, green waste.

The Fleece, Main Street, Addingham. Glass.

Kirlands Library car park, Main Street, Menston. Glass, paper, cans, textiles, plastics.

Menston Primary School, Main Street, Menston. Paper.

Queens Hall, Main Street, Burley-in-Wharfedale. Glass, paper, cans, textiles, plastics.


Nursery schools, playgroups and pre-school education

Esscroft Nursery, Esscroft Manor, Ilkley Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale, LS29  7HL. Tel (01943) 854174.

The Kangaroo Club, 54 Cleasby Road, Menston. Tel (01943) 878100.

Burley Nursery School & Childcare Centre, 48 Station Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale, LS29 7NE. Tel (01943) 864909.

The Village Nursery, 54 Cleasby Road, Menston, LS29 6HN. Tel (01943) 870085.

Primary Schools

(Results are based on the aggregate percentage of pupils achieving the expected level in English, mathematics and science, out of a possible 300)

Addingham, Bolton Road, Addingham, LS29 0NR. Tel (01943) 832130. (276)

All Saints CE Primary, Easby Drive, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 607852. (285)

Ashlands Primary, Leeds Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 609050. (276)

Ben Rhydding Primary, Bolling Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 431133. (300)

Burley & Woodhead CofE, Sandholme Drive, Burley-in-Wharfedale. Tel (01943) 862739. (283)

Burley Oaks, Langford Lane, Burley-in-Wharfedale, LS29 7EJ. Tel (01943). (262)

Menston, Main Street, Menston, LS29 6LF. Tel (01943) 873180. (265)

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary, Valley Drive, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 609578. (221)


Clevedon House Preparatory School, Ben Rhydding Drive, Ilkley. (01943) 608515.

Moorfield School, Wharfedale Lodge, 11 Ben Rhydding Drive, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 607285.

Westville House School, Carters Lane, Middleton, Ilkley. Tel (0143) 608053.

Secondary Schools

(Ranked on basis of the percentage of pupils getting the equivalent of at least five grades A* to C at GCSE level. Smaller schools, with fewer than 30 pupils eligible to take the exams, are not ranked)

Ilkley Grammar School, Cowpasture Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 608424. (73)

St Mary’s RC Comprehensive School, Menston, LS29 6AE. Tel (01943) 883000. (73)

Community Centres/Groups

Addingham Civic Society. Contact Jane Scott. Tel (01943) 830480.

Burley Good Neighbours. Tel (01943) 863019.

Burley Outreach Programme, meets first Monday of month 2-4.30pm, Parish Office, Station Road.

The Clarke-Foley Day Centre for the Elderly, Cunliffe Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 607016. Community base for anyone aged 50 or over, with a cafe, and holds a range of special interest classes and other events.

Wharfe Valley Cats Protection. Tel (01943) 876104, e-mail Rescues homeless and unwanted cats and kittens.

Ilkley & District Council for Voluntary Service, Riddings Hall, Riddings Road, Ilkley, LS29 9LU. Tel (01943) 603348. Provides range of community services including transport.

Association of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (Five Oaks Housing Scheme), Five Oaks Housing Scheme, Ben Rhydding Drive, Ilkley, LS29 8BD. Tel (01943) 603013. Supports housing for disabled people.

Ilkley Civic Society, secretary Alex Cockshott, 41 Grove Road, Ilkley, LS29 9PF. Tel (01943) 601561. Promoting high standards of local architecture and heritage.

Wharfedale Naturalists’ Society, 7 Old Bridge Rise, Ilkley, LS29 9HH. Study of all branches of natural history and conservation.

Marie Cure Cancer Care, Springs Medical Centre, Springs Lane, Ilkley, LS29 8TH. Specialist nurse serving the Wharfe Valley.

Wharfe Valley Community Project, Abbeyfield, Grove House, Riddings Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 886028.

Ilkley Gardeners’ Association, chairman David Shepherdson, Valley Drive, Ilkley, LS29. Tel (01943) 609500.

Addingham Allotments & Gardens Association. Tel (01943) 830433. Talks on last Thursday of month (September to April) at 7.30pm in Memorial Hall.

Menston Community Association, secretary Mrs Julia Bateson. Tel (01943) 871964, email Tries to involve all residents of Menston in local affairs and social activities.


Ilkley Public Library, Station Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 436225. Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm.

Addingham, Main Street, LS29 0NS. Tel (01943) 830061. Open Tue 10am-noon, Thur 5-7pm, Fri 2.30-4.30pm, Sat 10am-noon. Disabled access, videos, free internet access, word processing.

Burley, Grange Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Ilkley, LS29 7HD. Tel (01943) 863714. Open Tue 2-5pm, Friday 9.30am-1pm, 2-5pm, Sat 9.30am-noon. Disabled access, talking books, videos, children’s activities, free internet access, word processing.

Menston, Main Street, LS29 6LG. Tel (01943) 876539. Open Mon 2-7pm, Thur, Fri 2-5pm, Sat 9.30am-noon. Disabled access, music cassettes, audio books, videos, free internet access, word processing.

GP Practices

Ilkley Moor Medical Practice, Springs Medical Centre, Springs Lane, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 604999.

Dr Rawlings & Partners, Springs Medical Centre, Springs Lane, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 604455.

Grange Park Surgery, Grange Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale, LS29 7HG. Tel (01943) 862108.

Dr Raubitschek, 103 Main Street, Addingham, LS29 0PD. Tel (01943 830367.

Menston Medical Centre, Doctors Alexander, Sherwood, Thompson and Taylor. Tel (01943) 872113.


AP Hicks, 12 Station Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale. Tel (01943) 864073.

Leeds Road Dental Practice, 39 Leeds Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 608750.

Acorn Villas Dental Practice, The Grove, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 607474.

N Dobson, 11 Wells Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 608748.

Menston Dental Practice, 90 Main Street, Menston. Tel (01943) 874484.

S Hick and A Brown, 48 Main Street, Addingham. Tel (01943) 831192.

Veterinary Practices

Ashlands Veterinary Centre, Leeds Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 817000.

The White Cross Veterinary Group, Regent Road, Ilkley. Tel (01943) 609285.

Beamsley Veterinary Centre, 119 Main Street, Burley-in-Wharfedale, LS29 7JN. Tel (01943) 862745.


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