TRAMPOLINE parks are springing up all over.

I can count a few within a short distance of our own doorstep - some have been open longer than others but what is evident is demand is certainly contributing to their popularity.

For those who are looking for family things to do, whether it be during the weekends or the remaining days of the school holidays, trampoline parks are perfect as adults can jump into action too.

Having visited and enjoyed a couple of local trampoline parks previously, we decided to venture further afield in search of some summer holiday entertainment.

Our 11-year-old daughter had visited Jump Inc in Leeds for her friends' birthday celebrations and thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so, she was eager to return.

Accompanied by her pal, they changed into the obligatory grippy socks provided and watched the safety video before heading off into the venue to start bouncing around.

We'd booked for an hour giving the girls plenty of time to try out the variety of springy surfaces within 50,000 square foot of space.

Brightly illuminated with a colourful palette of pinks, purples, yellows, greens and blues, this 'ultimate urban playground' gave the girls a great excuse to put their energy to good use.

For those who set their sights on the heights then the Jump Tower - a raised platform from which you jump into an inflatable pillow, is certainly an attraction to tackle.

With more than 200 spring-loaded trampolines to try, along with a 3-Sided Walk the Wall, Slam Dunk lanes,Tumble Tracks, Big Air Bags, Jump Ramps and Slack Line - oh and not forgetting the Dodgeball Arena - there was certainly plenty to keep the girls and their fellow jumpers entertained.

Watching from the side lines it was evident many of the jumpers, and gymnasts judging by some of the cool styles being showcased - were having a flipping great time as they pulled off some extremely fancy moves but, as you would expect, safety is always very much in mind.

We found the venue to be well organised with each guest receiving a coloured wrist band to identify the beginning and end of their session.

Members of staff are on hand to answer any questions; advise and ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

Jump Inc is the perfect playground if you're looking for something different to do, and it ticks all those boxes for keeping fit and active too.

As well as the open trampoline sessions, Jump Inc also provides structured supercharged exercise sessions as well as those specifically designed for much younger jumpers - Jump Toddler is perfectly tailored to suit those aged five and under.

While adults can jump around with their families, those who prefer to spectate can leave the fun to the young ones and take a seat. There are downstairs and upstairs seating areas with tables - the upper platform offering the perfect bird's eye vantage of the arena.

It was there where, having spent an hour bouncing around and jumping off the built-up platforms, we enjoyed a light bite for lunch from in-house cafe.


With an extensive menu to choose from, sandwiches warm meals and smoothies are just some of the selection, we deliberated but soon settled on our choice of light bites and were impressed with our freshly prepared and tasty fodder.

Jump Inc provides the perfect all round package - it's energetic and fun and it encourages children to get active.

With so much focus on leading healthy lifestyles and tackling obesity trampoline parks offer the perfect way to have fun while keeping fit.

So what are you waiting for? Jump to it!

Jump Inc is located at 1 Benyon Park Way, Leeds, LS12 6DP. The venue is off the M621 (Junction 2) next to Leeds United FC's Elland Road stadium. It opens everyday from 10am until 9pm and offers a range of fitness-inspired sessions too. To find out more call 0330 088 2267 or visit