MPs: David Ward MP; Gerry Sutcliffe MP; George Galloway MP; Mike Hookem MEP;

Bradford East (House of Commons)

Mr David Ward MP (Independent)

Surgery: 458 Killinghall Road

Surgery Tel: 01274 403 973

MP Since - 2010 Majority - 365 Born - 24/06/1953. Married (Jackie), 2 sons.
Education - Boston Grammar School. Bradford University (MBA M. Phil). Leicester University (MSc.).

Previous Occupation - Project Manager at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Personal Overview - An experienced political campaigner in Bradford, he won this seat on a large swing from Labour in 2010. A local man, he has campaigned locally on issues such as fuel poverty and has supported the regeneration of Bradford City Centre. He has focused on encouraging greater community cohesion, attempting to get young people in the local community more interested in sport by working with Bradford Football Club and Yorkshire County Cricket Club. He had the Party Whip withdrawn from July 2013 until September 2013 following comments that he had made about Israel.

Political History - Councillor, Bradford Metropolitan District Council. General Election candidate for Bradford North (1990 by-election, 1992, 2001, 2005). MP Bradford East (2010-). Member of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee (2010-12). Member of the Education Select Committee (2012-).

Characteristics - Has been a member of the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.

Business Tel: 020 7219 3000


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Interests: Regeneration,Education & Training,Fuel Poverty,Health

Commitee membership
  • Education Committee (Member)
  • Connecting Communities Group (Member)
  • Gypsies Travellers Roma Group (Member)
  • All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing in the North (Vice Chairman)
  • Local Growth, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Enterprise Zones Group (Member)
  • Manufacturing Group (Member)
  • Non-Profit Making Members' Clubs (Vice Chairman)
  • Poverty Group (Member)
  • Private Rented Sector Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Refugees Group (Member)
  • Regeneration through Innovation Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Skills and Employment Group (Member)
  • Textile Manufacturing (Associate Group) (Chairman)
  • 2014 Yorkshire and UK Tour de France Group (Member)
  • Trade and Investment Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Voter Registration Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Pakistan Group (Treasurer)
  • Britain-Palestine Group (Member)


Bradford South (House of Commons)

Mr Gerry Sutcliffe MP (Labour)

Surgery: Gumption Centre

Surgery Tel: 01274 288688

MP Since - 1994 (By-Election) Majority - 4,622 Born - 13/05/1953. Married, 3 sons.
Education - Cardinal Hinsley Grammar School, Bradford.
Previous Occupation - Department Store Salesman, Brown & Muff's store, Bradford (1969-72); Display Advertising Clerk, Bradford Telegraph and Argus (1972-75); Field Printers, Bradford (1975-80).
Personal Overview - Has experience in Trade Union involvement and in a Local Government leadership role. His previous outside Parliament group memberships indicate some Social and Environmental awareness. Since winning a 1994 By-Election, he has been a member of several Select Committees, with political career advancement possible after being made a PPS and then an Assistant Government Whip. With a personable demeanour, he was prior to his Whips' Office appointment a committed lobbyist on employment legislation, a consequence of his trade union associations. Attained ministerial office in the summer 2003 reshuffle, holding onto a Shadow position after the 2010 General Election until the October 2011 reshuffle.

Political History - Councillor, Bradford Metropolitan City Council (1982-94), Council Leader (1992-94). MP Bradford South (1994- By-Election). Vice Chair, Parliamentary Labour Party Yorkshire Regional Group (1997-). Member of the Public Accounts Select Committee (1996-98). PPS to Harriet Harman, Secretary of State for Social Security and Minister for Women (1997-98). PPS to Stephen Byers, Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1998) & Secretary of State for Trade & Industry (1999). Assistant Government Whip (1999-2001), Government Whip (2001-03). Member of the Selection Select Committee (2001-03). Member of the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee (2011-). Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Trade & Industry (2003-06). Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office/Ministry of Justice (2006-07). Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (Minister for Sport) (2007-10). Shadow Minister for Sport (Department for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport (2010). Shadow Minister for the Home Office (2010-11).

Characteristics - Member of Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth. Vice-Chairman of the Yorkshire Group of Labour MPs.

Business Tel: 020 7219 3247


Interests: Environment,Transport,General Economy,Education & Training,Employment,Local Government

Commitee membership
  • Culture, Media & Sport Committee (Member)
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Group (Member)
  • Betting and Gaming Group (Member)
  • Bingo Group (Member)
  • State Boarding Schools Group (Member)
  • Boxing Group (Member)
  • Civic Societies Group (Member)
  • Disability Sports Group (Chairman)
  • Freelance Sector Group (Member)
  • Greyhound Group (Member)
  • British Hindus Group (Member)
  • Intellectual Property Group (Member)
  • Leisure Group (Chairman)
  • Packaging Manufacturing Industry Group (Member)
  • Print Group (Secretary)
  • Racing and Bloodstock Industries Group (Member)
  • Rugby League Group (Secretary)
  • Runaway and Missing Children and Adults Group (Member)
  • Sport Group (Chairman)
  • Textile Manufacturing (Associate Group) (Member)
  • 2014 Yorkshire and UK Tour de France Group (Member)
  • Azerbaijan Group (Member)
  • UK-Bahrain Group (Member)
  • British-Brazil Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Ethiopia and Djibouti Group (Member)
  • Pakistan Group (Member)


Bradford West (House of Commons)

Mr George Galloway MP (Respect Party)

Surgery: Respect
PO Box 167
M19 0AH

MP Since - 2012 Majority - 18,341 Born - 16/08/1954. Remarried (Putri Gayatri Pertiwi), 2 sons, 1 daughter.
Education - Harris Academy, Dundee.

Previous Occupation - Engineering Worker, Garden Works, Dundee (1972), Michelin Tyres (1973). Labour Party Worker (1977-83), Director of Asian Voice Ltd. General Secretary of War on Want (1983-87). TGWU member.

Personal Overview - Old-style left-winger with a certain manic quality which masks a strong debating style and unproven ability. With a radicalism lending to support for Saddam Hussein, and Yasser Arafat, he was probably the most off-message Labour MP. His move to set up his own 'Respect' party should not therefore be taken as a surprise. Post Iraq war anti Government sentiment and his strong campaigning style led him to victory in the East London Bethnal Green & Bow seat and most recently in Bradford West. He spent his parliamentary career as a Labour MP on the backbenches, strongly opposing the war with Iraq and making criticism of the party leadership. He undertook legal proceedings against the Daily Telegraph in 2003 after it printed an article claiming he received money from the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein. He was suspended from the Labour Party in June 2003 pending internal party investigations, following complaints that he had brought the party into disrepute during the Iraq crisis. Founded the 'Respect' Party in 2004 and successfully won the Bethnal Green seat in the 2005 General Election. The Parliamentary Commissioner for standards recommended he be suspended from Parliament for 18 days in July 2007 over his comments concerning the inquiry into the Mariam Appeal charity and it's funding. His suspension was later confirmed by Parliament. In January 2010 he was deported from Egypt, he had been attempting to go to Gaza to assist members of a humanitarian convoy. Following boundary changes he unsuccessfully stood for the Poplar and Limehouse seat at the 2010 General Election. He was an unexpected winner at the 2012 Bradford West by-election on a very large vote swing, showing once again his ability to motivate with his anti-war message.

Political History - MP Glasgow Hillhead (1987-97). MP Glasgow Kelvin (1997-2005). MP Bethnal Green & Bow (2005-10). General Election candidate for Poplar and Limehouse (2010). Scottish Parliament candidate for the Glasgow Region (2011).
MP Bradford West (2012-). Ex-Chairman of the Scottish Labour Party (1981-82), member of the Scottish Executive Committee (1975-83). Joint Vice Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party Foreign Affairs Committee (1987-91). Secretary of the All Party British-Iranian Group. Joint Vice Chairman of the Labour Parliamentary Party Foreign Affairs Committee (1997-2003). Member of the Broadcasting Select Committee (1997-2000). Founder member of the 'Respect Party' (2004-). Nominating Officer for the Respect Party.
Characteristics - Has the Hilal-e-Quaid-Azam and Hilal-i-Pakistan awards for services to Democracy and the People of Pakistan and Kashmir (1990 & 1996). Was a contestant in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' Television show in January 2006.

Business Tel: 020 7219 3000


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Interests: Foreign Affairs,Law & Order,Human Rights

Commitee membership
  • Drones Group (Member)
  • 2014 Yorkshire and UK Tour de France Group (Member)


Yorkshire and the Humber (European Parliament)

Mr Mike Hookem MEP (UKIP)

MEP Since - 2014. Born - 19. Married.
Education - N/a.
Previous Occupation - Served for four years in the Royal Air Force (RAF). Property Manager, Residential Property Group Ltd (2011-13). Researcher for Godfry Bloom MEP.

Personal Overview - Since joining the party in 2008 he has been active in the Yorkshire Region and was a candidate at the 2010 General Election in Hull. Within UKIP as the Chair of the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Region he has been active in setting up a Regional Training Team to give help and support to those members wishing to stand for the party in local or Westminster elections. During the 2014 European Election campaign he received several death threats after a spelling mistake on his business card was printed in the Private Eye magazine along with his mobile phone number.

Political History - Joined UKIP (2008). General Election candidate for Hull East (2010). Chairman of the Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire Region Committee (2011-14). MEP Yorkshire & The Humber Region (2014-). Member of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (2014-). Substitute member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (2014-). Substitute member of the Committee on Fisheries (2014-).

Other Information - He spent nine years as a reservist for the Commando Engineers.

Intergroups - N/a.

Business Tel: +32(0)2 28 45561


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Commitee membership
  • Foreign Affairs (Member)
  • Fisheries (Member)
  • Subcommittee on Security & Defence (Member)


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