Singin' In The Rain

The Alhambra

WANT to forget about the blues of the world? Like a bit of pezaz?

Then here is the show for you.

This touring production of Singin’ In The Rain is a Rolls-Royce production, full of verve, vim and glamour. It’s a toe tapping, finger clicking treat full of familiar tunes, in your face performances and stunning choreography.

Played out on a versatile multi-purpose set so beloved of modern shows, Jonathan Church’s production is a winner alright.

Backed by a first-class orchestra under John Donovan – with the musicians hidden from sight so the melodies have the impression of a film score – the action had the packed house on side from the first chord.

Singin’ In The Rain opens with a clever interpretation of the overture with action on stage by the slick and talented supporting company setting the mood for a night of escapism and fun.

James Leece is excellent in the Gene Kelly role of silent film heart-throb Don Lockwood and convincing in his own right – especially in the famous title number in which he enjoys threatening to soak the front row audience.

Stephane Mielu as his sidekick Cosmo Brown is superb too – a real comic Vaudevillian, energetic and stylish in his performance of the familiar score.

Amy Ellen Richardson’s unknown actress who becomes a star with the dawn of talking pictures is a sweet and likeable heroine with a voice to match.

Vicki Binns grabs the part of Lina Lomont with both hands. her portrayal of the silent movie star with the voice of a hoarse cockatoo is a peach, a real rib-tickler.

Dynasty star Maxwell Caulfield is excellent as studio boss and there’s a delightful cameo from PaulGronert as film director Roscoe Dexter.

So, if it’s a feel-good night out you’re after, get down to the Alhambra before Saturday, September 13.