A MUSICIAN has enjoyed national exposure for his band after it was featured in an online documentary.

Gavin Miller’s band, Worriedaboutsatan, is included in the soundtrack of the documentary Hypernormalisation which can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

Mr Miller worked as music supervisor on the project which was produced by British filmmaker Adam Curtis.

In the film, Mr Curtis argues that since the 1970s, governments and financiers have given up on the ‘real world’ and built a simple ‘fake world’ that is run by corporations which is kept stable by politicians.

The documentary saw Mr Miller, 33, work with Mr Curtis on the soundtrack which features more than 20 songs, including his own band’s song Blank Tape and his own work, Fotograf (part two).

It also features the main theme to the horror film the Poltergeist by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Something I Can Never Have by Nine Inch Nails.

Mr Miller, of Farndale Road, Baildon, who co-runs craft supply company Frau Green, is in the electronic band alongside Tom Ragsdale, 32, of Holmfirth.

They met at Leeds College of Music in 2006 and their latest album will be released in November.

Mr Miller hopes the national exposure from his band’s work on the documentary can be used to further push their music.

He said: “This is the biggest thing we have ever had. It’s amazing being on the iPlayer.

“This has certainly helped the band. There is quite a bit of our music in there.

“I first got in touch with Adam Curtis in 2011 and we just kept in touch. A few months ago he said to me could we send him some music over.

“My job as music supervisor was basically to send him playlists of things I thought would fit in his films.

“Adam wants to see us when we perform in London. We just have to keep on going now and see where it takes us.

“It has been a really cool experience. I don’t think it will be shown on television as it is two-and-three-quarter hours long.

“It’s weird it won’t be on TV as that is the traditional way."

Worriedaboutsatan will also be touring during November, with concerts in London and Manchester and a show at the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley, on November 12.

The band’s music has also been included in episodes of Coronation Street and shows on BBC radio.