A BRADFORD band that packed out local venues in the 1980s is re-forming for a one-off gig to mark their 30th anniversary.

Western Dance, a four-piece indie rock outfit, played at Queen’s Hall, Bradford University and The Royal Standard between 1986 and 1989.

Contemporaries of bands like Psycho Surgeons, Harleqyn and Ghost Dance, they were once supported by an up-and-coming Inspiral Carpets.

Western Dance, whose influences include The Clash, David Bowie and the new wave/punk bands of the late 1970s, released their EP Give Me The Moonlight in 1986.

Sales at gigs and local shops financed the release of debut single What Does It Take?, reviewed in the NME.

Their next EP, This Perfect Day, was played by John Peel when it was released on the 1 In 12 Club compilation, LP Volnitza

They attracted interest from record companies but split up in 1989.

Vocalist Liam Sheeran, guitarist Stephen Andrews, drummer Matt Webster and bassist Ade Clark joined forces in the 1990s as grunge band Primate, and were interviewed on Radio 1 by Mark Radcliffe.

During the late 1990s the lads were in various bands, later reunited as Kwai Chang Caine from 2001 to 2007, releasing two albums co-produced by former New Model Army drummer Rob Heaton.

This autumn the musicians will play as Western Dance one last time, marking their contribution to Bradford’s music scene over three decades. They will be at the Underground, Bradford, on Friday, November 25, supported by Plastic Letters and other guests.