Prickly customers in the garden

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

6:44pm Monday 27th October 2014

YOU may be opening your front door to mischievous trick or treaters in ghoulish guises this Hallowe’en, but peep into your back garden and you could also spot some stinking, spiky and poisonous subjects.

Getting set for the new season

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

4:14pm Monday 22nd September 2014

AFTER a glorious summer at home pottering around his garden in Ireland, green-fingered TV presenter Diarmuid Gavin is now preparing his beds for the cooler months.

Go wild to protect our beasties

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:22am Monday 15th September 2014

WE KNOW bees, hoverflies and other beneficial insects provide a welcome sight for gardeners in spring and summer, pollinating our flowers and helping us to reap rich harvests, but these valued species also need plenty of protection in the winter to ensure they return in years to come.

Get the most out of your crops

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:20am Monday 1st September 2014

IF YOU are now inundated with ripe tomatoes, juicy green beans, berries and herbs, don’t leave them to go stringy or mouldy – the freezer can go a long way to making your crops last well into winter.

Symbol of remembrance

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Poppies will be a fitting addition to your garden this year

10:06am Monday 19th May 2014

During the First World War, the blasted and bombed battlefields across Europe created ideal conditions for the poppy to flourish.

What’s the best product for gardeners and gardens?

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Stormproof Vegetable Cage, one of the shortlisted products

9:36am Monday 12th May 2014

It’s not only ideas for planting your own garden that blossom when you visit garden shows – it’s ideas about the accessories, tools and trinkets you see along the way, too.

Famous myths exploded

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Raised beds are a great idea for ill-drained clay soils in wet regions, but on other soils they enhance drainage to the point of drought

4:00pm Sunday 4th May 2014

If you think ivy kills trees, watering scorches leaves and digging is always needed to control weeds, think again.

Sett up your defences

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: If badgers are damaging your lawn, deter them humanely

9:24am Monday 28th April 2014

Walking up my garden a few weeks ago, I discovered great clumps missing from my lawn, and that the resulting holes had been used as some sort of animal toilet.

Sett up your defences against badgers

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Stop the badger cull

4:47pm Friday 25th April 2014

Walking up my garden a few weeks ago, I discovered great clumps missing from my lawn, and that the resulting holes had been used as some sort of animal toilet.

New TV series down on the allotment

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: From the left, Fern Britton, Jim Buttress, Thane Prince and Jonathan Moseley in The Big Allotment Challenge

9:41am Monday 14th April 2014

Just as Simon Cowell knows his music, and Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood knows his cakes, so award-winning gardening legend Jim Buttress knows his onions.

Gardening is child’s play

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Encourage children to get out in the garden

11:42am Monday 7th April 2014

If the weather is fine this Easter, (and it’s beginning to look like it might be), many parents will be wanting to sort out their gardens – and hopefully encouraging their children to give them a hand along the way.

Time to grow eco-friendly

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Use bright flowers to attract beneficial insects such as bees to your garden

9:01am Monday 24th March 2014

If your planting is attracting bees, butterflies and other wildlife, your shed is devoid of pesticides and your fruit and veg are strictly organic, then you are already heading along the right road to eco-friendliness.

Garden gifts for your mum

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Sussex trug gift set, £17.99, from

2:00pm Monday 17th March 2014

Stuck on the usual ‘flowers or chocolates’ dilemma? Why not find some inspiration in the garden this Mother’s Day, and treat the woman who knows you best to everything from decorative twine to wind chimes, seed collections or serious tools.

Rescuing your soggy lawn

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Give your waterlogged lawn time to recover

9:21am Monday 10th March 2014

If the recent deluge of rain means your luscious, closely-cropped carpet of green is now nothing but a soggy bog, you might be feeling a bit downhearted.

Time to perk up your patio

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Diarmuid Gavin has tips to brighten up your patio

8:49am Monday 3rd March 2014

If the rain ever lets up long enough for us to venture out on to our patios, we’ll need some quick fixes to brighten them up in time for the warmer, and hopefully drier, months of spring.

Adding a touch of texture

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A touch of texture

1:00pm Monday 24th February 2014

Italian garden designer Luciano Giubbilei is famous for his creations of understated elegance, simple and clean symmetrical design complimented by his use of nature, materials, light, space and art.

Saving waterlogged plants

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lavender does not thrive in wet conditions

1:00pm Monday 10th February 2014

While the incessant rain may have left gardeners’ water butts overflowing, it has also inevitably claimed its share of casualties.

Fall in love with the outdoors

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Castle Howard rose garden, near York

9:22am Monday 3rd February 2014

Avoid the cliched and overpriced dinner this Valentine’s Day, and treat your loved one to a much more inspiring garden-themed gift.

Join the feeding frenzy

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Choose the right bird feeder for the food and the type of bird it will attract

9:44am Monday 20th January 2014

There’s never really an excuse for not having a bird feeder standing in your garden. But with the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch taking place next Saturday and Sunday, there is no better time to invest in a bird feeder, or two, to keep our feathered friends happy during the winter and beyond.

Be aware of mail order rules

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Be aware of mail order rules

8:59am Monday 13th January 2014

Shopping by mail order is meant to make our lives easier, but the reality is often a little different – especially, it seems, if you’re a gardener.

Best books for garden-lovers

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Of Rhubarb And Roses: The Telegraph Book Of The Garden, edited by Tim Richardson

9:00am Saturday 14th December 2013

Think of the festive season and you probably think of being snuggled up inside by a roaring fire - but put a new gardening book on your Christmas wish-list, and you could be thinking of your spring planting too.

How to treat your Christmas tree

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Advice on how to choose the right Christmas tree for your home

12:00pm Saturday 7th December 2013

Picture the familiar Christmas scene: you arrive home from the garden centre, a tall, bushy tree proudly under your arm. You’re anxious to get it up and show it off in all it’s festive glory – but when it’s inside, once you’ve pruned and snipped it into it’s allocated space, the magic seems to have faded.

Putting back the green spaces

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Joe Swift in award-winning Rockliffe Avenue

4:00pm Saturday 30th November 2013

Having a place to park a car by your home is important, there’s no arguing that. But is it more important than having an open green space to welcome you, visitors and nature to your front door?

Your own berry good festivities

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Cranberries are the staple fruit of Christmas

4:00pm Saturday 23rd November 2013

Cranberries are the staple fruit of Christmas, creating the sauce synonymous with turkey or adding warmth to winter punches, relishes and jellies.

Gardening gifts for Christmas

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Solar powered metal silhouette birds from Smart Solar

10:40am Monday 18th November 2013

What do you give the gardener who has everything? Perhaps a luxurious back and neck massage to ease those endless hours of digging? Or perhaps a good manicure to file away all that grime from under the nails?

Get a splash of colour in spring

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Tulips can produce a show-stopping display

9:44am Monday 11th November 2013

You have probably planted most of your spring bulbs by now, but it’s not too late to add tulips to the mix, ready to create a riot of colour next season.

Slug it out with a Spanish invasion

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Spanish slugs are increasing in numbers and a growing threat to our vegetable patches and flower beds

8:56am Monday 4th November 2013

Imagine a Britain without vegetable patches, allotments or beautiful flower beds, where gardeners are unable to grow anything outside, knowing any plants will be ravaged by a foreign predator.

Division the best way to multiply

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Autumn and spring are the best times to divide your plants, helping them maintain health and vigour

9:26am Monday 21st October 2013

At this time of year, just when plants are entering their dormant phase, I always look at the overcrowded clumps of perennials dying down and decide what I need to lift and divide next year.

Garden lifeline for our wildlife

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Hedgehog numbers are down by a third since the millenium

1:36pm Monday 14th October 2013

Anyone who’s been gardening for some years may well have noticed that, as time moves on, the wildlife which once frequented British gardens is becoming a rarer sight.

Turning Japanese with colourful acers

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Japanese maples, or acers, offer wonderful autumn colour

9:29am Monday 7th October 2013

They are among the most spectacular sights of autumn, as their leaves turn sizzling shades of red, burnt orange and yellow.

Get to core of apple problems

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: How can you avoid poor performance in your apple crop?

12:26pm Monday 30th September 2013

It’s a bumper year for apples, experts have told us, thanks to last year’s wet summer, this year’s late spring and the glorious summer – but what if things haven’t gone so well?

How gardening can be a lifeline for dementia sufferers

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Gardening can be hugely beneficial for those with dementia

10:55am Monday 23rd September 2013

We all feel better after an hour or two of gardening – the fresh air, the exercise and the simple joy of being surrounded by beautiful flowers and the fruits of our labour. But for some people, the benefits go even further.

Guide to the best seed to sow your lawn

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Which? Gardening tested 36 lawn-seed mixes

8:56am Monday 9th September 2013

After a summer of being dried out by heat and trampled on by outdoor activities, your lawn may be looking a bit tired. If you want to restore any bare patches, or are even thinking of sowing a completely new lawn, early autumn is a good time to do it.

It’s time to take action for autumn

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Spring bulbs can be planted as early as August

8:52am Tuesday 27th August 2013

It’s time to ease yourself out of the deckchair and put on your gardening gloves because autumn is almost upon us, and with it, a plethora of tasks to wake you from your summer slumber.

Plan for plants at holiday time

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Water patio plants well before you go away

8:45am Monday 22nd July 2013

It’s the same every year; the garden reaches its peak with borders bursting into bloom, patio plants beginning their dazzling displays, and fruits swelling in the vegetable garden – and then you go on holiday for two weeks...

Glorious gardens that are well worth a visit

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Scampston Walled Garden, Malton, North Yorkshire

9:00am Saturday 13th July 2013

Anyone enjoying a ‘staycation’ this summer should make the most of a wealth of gardens open to the public, from National Trust properties to privately-owned country estates, royal parks and RHS treasure troves of colour.

Joanna counts on butterflies

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Joanna Lumley is backing the Big Butterfly Count

8:43am Monday 8th July 2013

She’s banged the drum for the Gurkhas, she’s the ambassador for an initiative to combat climate change and waste – but most recently, actress and keen gardener Joanna Lumley has turned her attentions to the plight of the humble butterfly.

Is your garden a gold mine?

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A pair of rare Austin and Seeley composition stone Warwick urns from the 19th century

4:13pm Monday 1st July 2013

Before you chuck out your old gardening tools or that urn you inherited from your grandmother, check out their value, because Jonty Hearnden, presenter of the BBC1 show Cash In The Attic, says you could be sitting on a goldmine.

Garden colours to match your mood

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Colourful flowers like poppies can affect the way you feel

3:37pm Monday 10th June 2013

Are you a person who goes for hot reds and acid yellows or do you prefer a softer palette of pinks, creams and soft blues?

Plants that live in boggy bliss

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Gunnera, with leaves up to 2.5m wide, is ideal for big boggy areas

8:46am Tuesday 28th May 2013

The other week, maverick designer Diarmuid Gavin advised gardeners that they would have to roll with the weather to ensure their gardens survived and thrived the extremes.

Make your plot weather-proof!

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A low-maintenance Easigrass lawn, one of Diarmuid Gavin’s tips

9:30am Monday 20th May 2013

You would have thought that when he moved to a new house in Wicklow, known as the Garden of Ireland, Diarmuid Gavin, the enfant terrible of the gardening fraternity, would have wasted no time hauling in the diggers, landscaping materials, amazing plants and architectural altars.

Century of inspiration at the Chelsea Flower Show

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Orchid Society of Great Britain display at last year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show

9:05am Monday 13th May 2013

So, what are we going to learn from this year’s internationally-acclaimed horticultural show?

Swedish design on the right lines

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: One of the gardens designed by Ulf Nordfjell

9:20am Monday 29th April 2013

Swedish design goes much further than Ikea, thanks to Swedish garden designers including award-winning Ulf Nordfjell, who is currently preparing for his forthcoming show garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Give your lawn a spring boost

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: After treating your lawn, if needs be, cut the grass, shortening it gradually over time, but not less than an inch

8:58am Monday 22nd April 2013

Gardeners who didn’t want to venture out in the freezing weather at the beginning of the month may now be looking at a moss-ridden, lumpy lawn with scatterings of bald patches, a world away from the velvet carpet of grass they desire.

Plot ways to get your allotment in good shape

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: BEAN THERE: Cleve West says it’s not unusual to clock up a 12-hour day.

9:35am Tuesday 16th April 2013

His commitment to show gardens for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show the past two years has meant that garden designer Cleve West’s beloved allotment has suffered as weeds have sprung up and slugs and snails have built their own thriving community among his prized vegetables.

This year’s top picks for the pots

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Argyranthemum ‘Yellow Empire’

9:30am Monday 8th April 2013

Wondering what to put in your patio containers this summer? My pansies and violas are looking so forlorn I’m already thinking I’ll ditch them in favour of some higher achievers in this unpredictable British weather.

Give your roses a new lease of life this spring

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Take care when pruning plants and shrubs in your garden

10:12am Monday 25th March 2013

They are the quintessential English plant, with unrivalled fragrance, beauty and variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Sowing the seeds of a great lawn...

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The ground must be prepared well to create the ideal lawn

9:24am Monday 18th March 2013

If your lawn looks tired and tatty and is covered in weeds, moss and bare patches, it might be time to bite the bullet and sow a new one.

Christine is just potty about veg

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Christine Walkden

8:53am Monday 11th March 2013

Growing veg on your patio couldn’t be easier – you can control the soil type, the situation and the watering, often providing shelter near the house when it’s needed.

Get away on a gardener’s leave

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The wonderful gardens at Lake Como in Italy

9:18am Monday 18th February 2013

Themed holidays have been around for a long time, suited to hobbyists whose pastimes have included painting, cooking or indeed gardening.


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