Bradford born Bradford bred

On looking back enough's been said

Lovely old buildings now pulled down

Many new buildings all around town

Architects have lost their way

But unfortunate for us they're here to stay.

Now it's water they are trying to put through

What will end up in this water

I can't think what! Can you?

Town hall building still looks good

It's built down in the centre

Where there used to be a wood

Bradford Cathedral standing there

So impressive, it includes the wool sack beneath the chair

We've lost Leeds Road, Manchester Road too

What more is left to undo.

Bradford University is doing so well

But parking a car is still "sheer hell"

Odsal police station now empty

It should be full, police about to keep the peace

And much more road sweeping to keep Bradford neat

If they gave me a brush I'd help to sweep.

Keith Rhodes, of Clayton