At least £400,000 is to be ploughed into Bradford schools to help youngsters not achieving the required grades in reading and maths when starting secondary school.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will today announce secondary schools will be given £500 for every pupil not reaching level four – the standard pupils are expected to achieve by the time they leave primary school at 11 – in either reading or maths.

Across the district 456 pupils (19 per cent) fell short of the standard in both subjects which means £228,000 will be handed to education chiefs to help deliver additional support and tuition for the pupils.

But the sum should be much higher as there will be a number of pupils who only failed one subject, therefore securing another £500 for the school.

The maximum payout the Council would expect is £627,000.

The Lib Dem leader will promise that the cash will ensure no child is “left behind” in a coming exams revolution.

Mr Clegg said: “Secondary school is a massive step up for pupils when much bigger demands are placed on their abilities. For tens of thousands of children, this is all the more daunting because they are simply not equipped with the basics of English and maths needed to unlock the variety of subjects now on offer to them.

“Pupils who start secondary school behind their peers should be given every chance to catch up as quickly as possible.

“The funding I’m announcing today will allow schools to provide intensive tuition to help pupils to get up to speed and so get the best out of their secondary school education.”

Councillor Ralph Berry , Bradford Council’s executive member for children and young people, said while cash was welcome the Government needed to “get its act together” on education.

He said: “I agree with getting children up to the set level but this goes against everything Michael Gove has announced on education changes.

“We will give these children extra support but at the end of it the exam system is turned upside down, and it is these very children it will affect.”

The cash will be available in January and will be guaranteed until 2015.