Nineteen new jobs have been created at a Bradford waste management business which has completed work on a new £2 million plant to divert waste from landfill sites.

It marks the latest investment at Associated Waste Management’s Canal Road site and as well as cutting landfill use will also reduce noise and other pollution and has been completed after consulting the community.

Waste from 150,000 homes will be treated for Bradford Council and the covered site is capable of processing 700 tonnes of material a day.

Development of the plant followed a spend of £3 million to bring the Canal Road site to ‘zero waste status’. AWM said it was also due to unveil stage three of its Bradford development, which would be the biggest and most innovative project yet and create more jobs. John Brooksbank, managing director, said: “The Canal Road facility has taken a huge step forward with the development work we have undertaken. A further £2 million has been invested into this site to enable us to continually improve the recycling credentials offered to all our clients.

“With the installation of this technology, this is the second AWM site to go live with zero waste to landfill credentials. Having had numerous open days and meetings with community members and local authorities we devised an action plan to address issues most businesses are faced with.

“Not only can our clients be proud that their waste no longer goes to landfill but the work has drastically reduced noise, dust and light pollution as well as cutting edge technology for dealing with odour control, whilst creating additional jobs within Bradford.”

The Bradford site now employs 45 people and AWM employs 225 people in West Yorkshire. Business development director Tim Shapcott said: “Stage one of our plan was to invest £13 million at Gelderd Road in Leeds to build a super material reclamation facility. Stage two was to invest £2 million, in addition to the £3 million previously spent to develop the then latest MRF site, within Bradford to bring Canal Road to zero waste status, but stage three is still to come.

“Our next project is going to be bigger and more innovatively exciting than anything we have undertaken, we will be looking to not only invest within Yorkshire but boost the number of people we employ. I’m looking forward to be able to announce the details of this project in the near future.”

Associated Waste Management Ltd was formed in 2000 and has become the largest independent waste management company in Yorkshire with a turnover of £35 million. It currently handles 500,000 tonnes of material and has the capacity to handle up to 750,000 tonnes. Over the last two years AWM has grown significantly through securing contracts with Bradford, Leeds and Calderdale councils.

Two of its sites produce bales of refuse derived fuel (RDF) which it exports to Northern Europe to produce electricity, heat and steam.

AWM also runs educational courses which to have been attended by more than 500 pupils from over 35 schools.