West Yorkshire’s top detective today reiterated that Stephen Griffiths would be questioned about unsolved cases if new evidence came to light.

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Brennan, who is head of the Force’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said the case of 19-year-old Bradford sex worker Rebecca Hall, known as Becky, whose naked and battered body was found in an alleyway off Thornton Street in April, 2001, was among those under review.

He said: “We have a cold case room and they are continually looking at all cases with a view to looking at whether there is anything new forensically we can use.

“At the moment there is no evidence linking him to anything else other than the three he has been convicted of.”

Det Ch Supt Brennan said after securing a conviction against Griffiths the next step of the investigation, Operation Pinstripe, was to examine other cases, but without affording him the notoriety he “clearly craves”.

“The last phase is looking at anybody else in West York-shire and beyond who may be missing,” said Det Ch Supt Brennan.

“He has made various comments but evidence doesn’t really support that. He clearly craves notoriety.”