A PROSTITUTE twice caught running a brothel in Bradford has been jailed for 20 weeks.

Romanian national Adina Radu jumped bail after her co-accused was arrested fleeing to Germany, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Radu, 24, and 28-year-old Otila Furtuna were netted in a police raid on a house in Cemetery Road, Girlington, Bradford.

Furtuna, who was caught on a coach in the Channel Tunnel, was jailed in February after admitting running a brothel for the purpose of prostitution, between December 8 last year and January 7.

Radu, who failed to attend at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates' Court on January 21, was re-arrested at the address in Cemetery Road in July.

She was brought to court in custody today after failing to report to the police station as part of her bail conditions.

Prosecutor Andrew Petterson said Furtuna was locked up for 16 weeks for brothel keeping and four weeks, to run consecutively, for trying to leave the country.

He told the court police searching the brothel found a woman in a state of undress upstairs with a man.

Radu was in the living room and examination of her phone showed the customer had rung her before arriving at the address.

Mr Petterson said Radu was cautioned for running a brothel at a different address in January, 2013.

Her barrister, Bronia Hartley, said she had made no attempt to flee the country.

"She knows she has to face the music," Miss Hartley told the court.

The mother of two young daughters came to the UK looking for work to support her family in Romania.

She turned to prostitution when it all went wrong and a man kept control of her identity documents, meaning she could not find a job.

Radu was now working as a cash in hand cleaner but she was isolated in the community and needed support.

She pleaded guilty to brothel keeping and to failing without reasonable excuse to surrender to custody at the magistrates' court, having been released on bail.

Judge Jonathan Rose told Radu: "The running of a brothel perpetuates crime and the misery and suffering of women such as you."