A KITTEN is being nursed back to health after spending two days stuck inside a car engine.

Ginger-white fluffball Brolga rode around in the engine compartment as the driver tried to work out what the noise was.

When he eventually realised he had a feline passenger, the young man called firefighters to free the traumatised animal.

Keighley Cat Care is now looking after Brolga as he recovers from his injuries and is prepared for permanent rehoming.

Chris Rawnsley, the charity’s homing officer, is looking after the former stray at her Micklethwaite home.

Mrs Rawnsley said the driver, who lives in Skipton, could hear a noise as he drove around but initially could not see anything.

She said: “I think Brolga had crawled up underneath the car. It’s a wonder he was still alive.

“He was traumatised, terrified, dehydrated, and covered in oil. He had obviously been a stray, because he was covered in fleas.”

Brolga spent two nights at a vet’s surgery, receiving fluids and medicines to combat the effects of dehydration, and has spent the past fortnight convalescing with Mrs Rawnsley.

Anyone interested in providing a new home for a cat should contact Mrs Rawnsley on 01274 568380.