ABOUT £6 million was raised for charity during Ramadan in Yorkshire, it was revealed at a community dinner in Bradford last night.

The fundraising effort, revealed by Bradford Council for Mosques, was celebrated at an event at the city's Khidmat Centre.

More than 100 senior leaders from Yorkshire's Muslim communities gathered at the Spencer Road centre to say thank you.

The cash, which the Council for Mosques estimated was gathered at a rate of £200,000 per day, will be donated in support of humanitarian aid charity activity in Syria, Iraq and Gaza.

Zulfikhar Karim, secretary of the Bradford Council of Mosques and co-organiser of the event alongside Faith Associates, said: "The communities of Yorkshire have demonstrated their desire to support the needy around the world by giving in such unprecedented levels this Ramadan.

"Bradford Council of Mosques would like to congratulate the leaders of the many centres that worked tirelessly to support the communities they serve and encourage ongoing giving in a safe and responsible way."