SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies has said more cash should be pumped into state boarding schools to allow children of those in the armed forces to go there and save the taxpayer money.

Speaking during Education Questions at Westminster, he asked newly appointed Education Secretary Nicky Morgan to work with the Ministry of Defence to let schools receive greater capital funding to enable them to expand and take more service personnel’s children.

As the situation currently stands, the MoD pays private school fees for the children of serving military.

The Conservative politician (pictured) said: "State boarding school are the hidden jewel in the crown of the state education system.

"It would benefit the taxpayer greatly if more service personnel's children went to state boarding schools rather than independent schools."

Miss Morgan said: "Two of my Ministers spoke to the relevant organisation yesterday.

"The Secretary of State for Defence is on the Front Bench, and I will certainly be happy to talk to him further about that."