Budding drama students from Hanson Academy in Bradford have earned rave reviews for their performance in a World War One play penned by a drama teacher at the school.

"World War Once Upon A Time" tells the story of all aspects from the conflict, from family scenes before troops were called up, to a portrayal of life in the trenches during battle.

The play, written by Rebecca Morris, featured 12 year nine pupils from the school, some of whom have chosen to continue drama in their GCSE studies next year.

"The performance went very well, and we got some really positive feedback, especially as the children have only studied drama for a year," said Miss Morris.

Pupils from the academy have been involved in a range of events to study WW1, with the content of the play linking to work covered in english, history and music.

Students also attended an event to commemorate the war at Bradford's historic Undercliffe cemetery earlier this month.