A persistent shoplifter - arrested for giving the police a false name each time he was caught - then gave them another false name, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Robert Kima, 20, repeatedly misled the police when given fixed penalty notices for stealing from Poundland and Primark.

Kima, of Birk Lea Street, West Bowling, Bradford, pleaded guilty to four offences of shoplifting and six of perverting the course of public justice.

Prosecutor Camille Morland said he was arrested three times in April and May for stealing shower gel, clothes and blankets.

He gave bogus names when issued with the £50 fixed penalty notices.

When he was arrested for giving the false names, he came up with another alias.

His true identity was eventually revealed by fingerprint evidence.

Kima's barrister, Angus MacDonald, said it was "stupid low level offending."

Kima came to the UK from Slovakia three years ago when promised a new start by a man who turned out to be a fraud.

He had been in custody for three weeks and had a partner and young child.

He was locked up for six months by Judge Robert Bartfield, who told him: "If you try this again, your sentence next time will be at least double."