Mary Byrne's family are to campaign for changes in the law which would prevent young drivers from driving powerful cars.

Her daughters, Sarah Harrison, 32, and Sam Rees, 34, said there should be similar restrictions for cars as for motorbikes, where riders have to be a certain age to be allowed to ride more powerful bikes.

Sarah said: "Lads of that age shouldn't be allowed to drive such high-powered cars. They should have to start with a smaller size car and build up. It should take into account experience as well as age, and they should have to earn the necessary experience."

They said they were glad Healey and Robinson had been sent to prison.

But Sam added: "Whatever they were sentenced to it would not have brought Mum back."

The family said the judge's hands had been tied by guidelines, which were not tough enough.

"These cars were weapons which caused absolute destruction. It was only a matter of time before it happened," said Sam.

She said their mother was missed "every single day".

"It doesn't get easier, it gets harder. All our energy has been channelled into the court case. Now it is over we don't know what happens next.

"Our mum was doing a great job. But only some of her grandchildren will now have living memories of her. Mum meant different things to us all. We had fantastic memories of living for 20 years at that address. Now we have only one memory - of her being killed there.

"We all live in the area and have to drive along the route where these two drove. It is a constant reminder. It is there every day."

The family praised the police officers who had been with them "every step of the way since the day it happened."