DEMOLITION of the derelict Bradford and Bingley headquarters could begin next month after Sainsbury's formally applied to destroy the eyesore building.

And the end of the long standing 'blight" on Bingley has been widely greeted with delight in the town.

The supermarket giant, which owns the site, has now submitted an application to Bradford Council to demolish the huge Main Street building with a proposed start date of July 14.

With no opposition to the proposal and no evidence of roosting bats, the decision is expected swiftly.

If approved, the building will be covered with scaffolding and stripped of all recyclable materials during work scheduled to last 24 weeks ending in January next year.

Expert contractors T E Scudder Ltd of Wembley will carry out the demolition and removal of the waste and spoil in covered lorries which will be cleaned to prevent the spread of dirt along town roads.

The application lodged this week states: "Materials will be used on site to backfill the basement areas where environmentally safe to do so, be processed for sale, or be taken to landfill.

"Restoration of the site will include backfilling the basement areas with crushed materials, leaving the site level and free of any concrete risings and contaminants."

Local MP Philip Davies has maintained firm pressure on Sainsbury's to take action over the controversial site, which it intends to sell once it has been levelled and said this was a great stride forward.

"I am very pleased that things are starting to move, but I shan't be complacent and will continue to hold Sainsbury's feet to the fire on this," Mr Davies said.

Vicar of Bingley All Saints Beverley Mason recently met with Sainsbury's bosses in London at Mr Davies' invitation to help press for an end to what she called a "blight" on the town.

"This is excellent news.

"This empty and decaying building speaks of lost jobs, lost savings, lost pensions.

"I would like to thank Sainsbury's and hope that they will be part of the regeneration of this beautiful town," Rev Mason said.

Chamber of Trade chairman Howard Martin said this was a sign of longed-for progress:

"This is the first bit of positive news we've had from Sainbury's for some time - let's hope we don't end up left with an unsightly mess," Mr Martin said.

Ward councillor David Heseltine said this was '" a significant milestone" adding;

"Let's hope Sainsbury's fulfils this promise and clearing the site makes it attractive to other developers to come to our town.

*All Saints Church, Bingley is to host a public meeting at which Sainsbury's will explain its plans for involvement in the town. The meeting will take place on July 24 at 7pm.