FIREFIGHTERS have slammed arsonists targeting a disused factory in Bradford - claiming they are wasting crews' time and risking lives.

Crews from Fairweather Green station have been called to the building on Priestman Street, Manningham, several times recently.

Now the latest attack, which happened at about 10pm on Sunday, has prompted the fire service to plead with those responsible to stop.

The call has been backed by Manningham councillors Shabir Hussain (Lab) and Ishtiaq Ahmed (Ind).

Cllr Hussain said: "I don't think these people realise what damage they are doing to the community and that harm it can do to people.

"They might find it funny, but it isn't funny.

"We need to get the message across - the law is there and there should be hard sentences on these people."

A spokesman for Fairweather Green fire station said Sunday's fire was the latest in a number of arson attacks on the factory, and condemned those responsible.

"They are wasting our time," he said. "Resources are being used for that instead of being used for other things.

"We are going there quite regularly. It is the same factory. Most of the time it has been outside, but this time it was inside.

"It is dangerous as there is very limited access. They broke a window to get in. They might not be able to get out."

Cllr Ahmed said: "The message is very clear - it is dangerous to enter a property that has been derelict, and playing with fire can cause very serious injury."

He added: "My sympathies go to residents who have to put up with this on a regular basis."

Cllr Hussain added: "If anyone has any information on this, pass it on. Any lads involved in it, they need to get out and they need to distance themselves from it.

"With the cuts in the fire service, we need them even more for genuine calls. One day it could be one of these lads' families that needs the fire service, but they could be at one of these calls.

"They need to wake up."