“Alarmist” signs warning walkers about the use of animal traps on Ilkley Moor are the work of anti-bloodsports protestors, landowner Bradford Council has assured visitors.

Signs bearing Bradford Council’s logo, and a telephone number for its Countryside and Rights of Way department, recently appeared around the public-owned moor – popular with dog walkers and ramblers.

The signs warn visitors of the use of Fenn traps on the moor, and urged people to contact the Council for information.

But Bradford Council, which branded the signs “alarmist”, says they were put up by protestors opposing grouse shooting and associated moorland management methods.

Anti-grouse shooting group, Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) has confirmed its campaigners put up the signs.

The Council, which owns the moor, reassured pet owners there has never been a report of a dog being injured in such a trap.

A spokesman for Bradford Council’s Countryside Service, said: “These alarmist signs have been put up by anti-hunt protestors not Bradford Council – even though they bear our branding. We have never had a report of a dog caught in a trap so dog owners need not worry.

A walker who called Bradford Council about the warning signs, and was told they had not been put up by the Council itself, posted a picture of a sign on social media website Twitter, in a bid to reassure others who regularly walk on the moor.

BBIM, an alliance of anti-bloodsports protestors, recently announced a campaign targeting grouse shoots on Ilkley Moor, and opposing the trapping of natural predators.

The group is calling on the Council to end its lease of shooting rights to the Bingley Moor Partnership, which helps with the management of Ilkley Moor, as well as its own neighbouring moorland.

BBIM spokesman, Luke Steele, said: “Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor can confirm warning signs have been placed around Ilkley Moor by campaigners involved in our coalition.

“It is our civic duty to inform users of the moor that these jaw-like traps are being used in the area.”

BBIM recently posted slogans on the Council’s Facebook page, and said it may take ‘lawful direct action’ and make peaceful protests to disrupt shoots.