Education bosses are remaining tight-lipped over continued investigations into a troubled primary school.

Bradford Council has opened a second inquiry following the outcome of a top-level probe into SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) results at Long Lee Primary School (pictured) in Keighley.

Council education boss Ralph Berry confirmed that the initial investigation had uncovered other areas of concern.

He revealed that the head was currently not working at the school, while his team looked into these “subsidiary issues”.

But neither Coun Berry nor council officers would reveal details of the new investigation and why the head was not in post, despite repeated requests.

School and governors’ spokesmen refused to comment, and ward councillors were unable to shed light on the issue despite their own enquiries.

The current crisis has grown out of an investigation last summer by the Government’s Department for Education into alleged “maladministration” of SATs tests at Long Lee Primary School.

When the national performance tables were published in December, most of the school’s results were excluded while the investigation continued.

The 2013 results were last week visible on the national Sats website, and the government’s Standards and Testing Agency said it had completed its investigation.

A spokesman said: “Following this investigation, the decision was made to amend one child’s results for the English grammar, punctuation and spelling test.”

Coun Berry, the council’s executive member for children's services, this week insisted that although other matters had come to light, the SATs were the main issue.

He said: “As a result of this investigation a number of changes have taken place. The existing head is not at work at this time.

“All matters are being investigated thoroughly by the local authority in conjunction with the governors.

“The most important point is that we’ve moved to provide high-quality support leadership to the school for the education of the children.

“This is a school that has been doing well in recent years and we have made a response to ensure this continues.”

Long Lee Primary is being run temporarily by the head of nearby Parkwood Primary School, Julie Butler.

A Bradford Council spokesman said Long Lee Primary School has been receiving support from the council, including regular meetings with the chairman of governors and senior school leaders. She said: “The governing body continues to work constructively with council officers and continues to focus on securing the best outcomes for children.”

The three Bradford councillors covering Keighley East ward, which contains Long Lee Primary School, said they were unable to comment.