A PIECE of Queensbury's past has been returned to its rightful place - almost exactly at the half way point between Bradford and Halifax.

The Grade II listed mile stone was removed from the A647 Scarlet Heights when workers carried out wall strengthening works on the neighbouring wall. There have been roadworks at the site for several months, and with the end of the work in sight the Queensbury Community Heritage Action Partnership made sure Bradford Council returned the stone. And yesterday they even held a small ceremony to mark its return to the spot - four miles from Halifax and 3 3/4 miles from Bradford.

Norah McWilliams, from the partnership, said: "When they started the work they found there was a lot of erosion under the road that needed fixing. We didn't want to lose that bit of history. It is one of the first steps we are taking in being a bit more proactive in protecting Queensbury's history."

The mile stone is thought to date back to the early to mid 19th century.