A group of ten youngsters in the Bradford district, aged nine, 16 and 17 will give a Wyke community centre a makeover as part of the National Citizen Service summer programme.

After a couple of weeks of team building exercises and planning, they will be redecorating St Mary's New Horizons Care in the Community Centre, located at St Mary's Church Hall, in Green Lane.

They will do their makeover from Monday and Wednesday and the centre runs sessions for the elderly on these days each week.

The group has secured a donation from Dacrylate Paint Ltd to complete the redecorating work.

Team member Polly Portal, 16, said: "The group think that old people are getting left behind in society.

"It's important that we help some of them. We thought the refurbishment would make their lives more colourful.

"We will also be socialising with them."

Another group of 15 to 17-year-olds from the Bradford district are arranging music concert as part of their NCS project.

The group will stage a concert at Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, on Friday between 2pm and 5pm, with all proceeds going to Barnardo's.